Ark: Survival Evolved – Where to Get Fungal Wood

If you’re having trouble completing your AB engrams, you might be wondering where to get fungal wood. This article will explain the sources for this essential ingredient. Mushrooms, cactus sap, and crystals are all excellent sources of this valuable material. Read on to find out how to get them in Ark Lost Island. We hope this information will be helpful. After reading this article, you’ll be able to find the resources you need to complete all your AB engrams and flip flops.

Fungal wood

Where to get Fungal Wood in Ark: Survival Evolved is not as hard as you think. It is possible to obtain large amounts of wood by gathering Fungal wood from trees on islands, which is a common resource in the game. Luckily, the Ark Lost Island is full of tree farms and there are specific areas where you can farm Fungal Wood. To harvest Fungal Wood in large quantities, you need a Chainsaw and certain creatures, like Mammoth, Therizinosaur, and Castoroides.

First off, Fungal Wood is a very common resource, mainly found on the Valguero, Aberration, and Extinction maps. On Extinction, it is replaced by Corrupted Wood. Fungal Wood is harvested from large mushrooms using either tools or creatures, including chainsaws. Alternatively, you can use your bare hands to harvest Fungal Wood, although a Metal Hatchet will be faster.


The first resource needed for crafting Crystals of Fungal Wood is a beaver. This animal spawns in forests and will produce chitin when harvested. The beaver will also create rock for the player when used as an engram. This animal can be found around the bottom of the waterfall. It will be useful for farming chitin if you build a chemistry bench. You can also craft cementing paste by using a mortar and pestle. You can also scavenge beaver dams for this item. The river meeting the sea will produce plenty of beaver dams.

Cactus sap

In Ark: Survival Evolved, you can craft a variety of items by gathering cactus sap. You can craft cactus-shaped objects with this sap. In addition, you can also make tools and a variety of other items from it, including explosives, harpoons, and glider suits. This resource is rare on most maps, but it is relatively easy to find on the Lost Island. Those that know where to find cactus sap are able to craft a variety of things, from food and clay to propellant.


If you’re looking for a new wood crafting material, there are several locations in the game that you can harvest fungal wood from. Some locations, such as Aberration, are flat and accessible without a diving suit. Some are also spiral, which will give you rock and will help you craft various AB engrams. If you’re looking for a new wood crafting material, though, there are several other places to go.

Fungal Wood is a substitute for normal Wood, and it has a few recipes on its own. Generally, you’ll need this resource if you’re going to be crafting Aberration items, which require special materials. This resource is harvested easily with a Chainsaw, but be sure to store it in a container to avoid catching fungus. Luckily, it’s available in both Aberration and Extinction.

Cementing paste

Cementing paste is a crafting material in ARK: Survival Evolved. Without it, you cannot build turrets or elevated platforms. Because of its importance, many tribes use cementing paste as currency. This substance can be crafted with Stone, Chitin, and Keratin. Cementing paste can be found in beaver dams scattered across the map, but beware of the hostile beavers!

There are two ways to obtain cementing paste. The first is to find the materials necessary for the building. On the Lost Island, there are flat coral reefs and spiral coral reefs, which give rock and fungal wood. You can also find these resources by using a dive mask and a hammer. Once you’ve collected these materials, you’ll be able to craft many items, including a camera and a cannonball. The other way to obtain this resource is to farm Giant Beaver Dams. Cementing paste is needed to make various items, such as cannonballs, chain bolas, and harpoon launchers.

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