Did Cryaotic Ever Do a Face Reveal?

For over seven years, Cryaotic has kept his face hidden. He has hundreds of followers on YouTube, and is renowned for his voice. He regularly interacts with his audience and replies to fan mail, and also tapes fiction stories. Nonetheless, did Cryaotic ever do a face reveal? That’s a question we’re sure to get asked in the future. But for now, let’s focus on his voice.


It’s been a while since MadCryaotic did a face-reveal video on YouTube, but he’s finally done it. The YouTube star, born June 11, 1989, lives in Florida. His face is a representation of the personality he projects in his Let’s Play videos, which show him submerging himself in the storylines and characters of games. He has amassed a large number of subscribers and tries to respond to as many as possible.

The YouTuber also has an interesting philosophy on revealing his face. He says that he doesn’t like being recognized by other people and doesn’t like the idea of being branded as a fake. However, he has always maintained his anonymity and has not revealed his face to viewers. Despite this, many fans have been asking him whether he plans to do one in the future. If he does, he’ll surely remove his “fake face” and reveal his real name.


When it comes to dating, we can’t help but wonder if DrunkCry ever did a face-reveal video. This controversial YouTuber is often drawn with blue eyes and brown hair, but has occasionally been portrayed with blonde hair. Cry has denied he has green hair, and has said in the past that he’d never wear a green hoodie, but we can still speculate on the color of his eyes.

As for his sexual behavior, Cry has been accused of sexual assault and has gone into an indefinite hiatus from social media accounts. Ex-fans on his subreddit have created a timeline of his allegations. His actions started in 2011 and have affected 19 or 20 victims, four of whom were minors. He has also been accused of harassing women via the comments sections of his videos, but has never publicly revealed his face.

DrunkCry’s mascot

Fans have been waiting for DrunkCry to reveal his mascot’s face for a long time, and now it’s finally here. The face of Cry has been revealed, and he’s even more awesome than ever. It features blue eyes and a plaid shirt, just like a real human! The game isn’t even released yet, but you can already see him in a walkthrough video or Livestream video.

Although Cry is mostly a female, he has a growing group of female fans, and he has gained more following after his Hangover Cure video went viral. While his fans are enthusiastic about his new look, he hasn’t released his real face, and has yet to reveal his exact location or identity. For now, the company doesn’t want to divulge any personal details about Cry, which could lead to unwanted speculation.

DrunkCry’s appearance in Rules of Rose

A fan novel about the game Rules of Rose has been released. It recounts the game’s storyline chronologically and uses realistic narrators. It also features a backstory for the main characters. However, the game is not endorsed by the makers of the game. The author’s intention was to make the game as realistic as possible, and she is not responsible for any errors or omissions.

The video game Rules of Rose contains distressing themes that are intended to make the player uncomfortable. It deals with topics including human indifference towards animal suffering, traumatic childhood memories, mental disorders, psychology, rankism, societal inequality, death, and minor sexual themes. One particular scene has an implied sexual act of rape. This scene is particularly disturbing for gamers of all ages. The overall tone of the game is extremely dark.

Cryaotic’s relationship with a female streamer

Many of his subscribers are curious about Cryaotic’s relationship with aspiring female streamers. He has not revealed anything about his personal life, however. While he has stated that he is gay and supports the LGBT community, he has refused to make his sexual orientation public. The reason for this is because he has safety concerns. If you want to know more about Cryaotic’s relationship with a female streamer, read on!

One of the things that have sparked speculation about Cryaotic is his relationship with a female streamer. He has a number of female followers who may have been jealous of their relationship. The two streamers have a relationship in real life, but there is no proof that the relationship is serious. Cryaotic avoids sharing his personal details on his Twitch account, but he did confess to dating a woman named Cheyenne Avila.

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