Does Cal Kestis Die in Star Wars: The Fallen Order?

If you are wondering does Cal Kestis die in the Star Wars franchise, then read on! This Force-sensitive Jedi master defeats Darth Vader and advises his young pupil to stay true to the Jedi. Here are some of his notable traits:

cal kestis was a Force-sensitive Jedi

Cal Kestis was a Force-sensitive Jedi who served under the Grand Army of the Republic. He was a mentor to droid BD-1 and a former Jedi, Cere Junda. Both Kestis and BD-1 acted in the Force to help them both complete their missions. BD-1 also projected a message from Zeffo Sages and Jedi Master Eno Cordova to help them complete their missions.

Cal was a force-sensitive humanmale who became a Jedi during the reign of the Galactic Empire. After surviving the Jedi purge, he lived in seclusion on the planetBracca. However, after facing an Inquisitorius and becoming a Jedi Knight, Cal rebelled against the Empire’s rule. He was chased by Empire Jedi hunters. Cal was so enamored of his Force connection that he decided to restore the Jedi Order.

he defeats Darth Vader

It has been a common misconception that Cal Kestis will die when he defeats Darth Vader in Star Wars: The Fallen Order. In the game, Cal confronts the Second Sister’s master and manages to turn her from the dark side to the light. However, Cal eventually dies when Darth Vader kills her. This may be due to a number of factors, such as being a Jedi Knight, but it still remains a popular theory.

As mentioned, Cal didn’t need the lightsaber when he was saving Prauf from the Inquisition, and by drawing it, he invalidates his sacrifice. Likewise, he didn’t need to chase the Jedi holocron, and his droid BD-1 messed up the circuitry of the dark side’s suits, allowing Cal to impale Vader. However, the lightsaber was useless when he was sabotaged, and he had no way of escaping.

he advises his pupil to stay true to the Jedi

One of the first things that Jaro Tapal teaches Cal is to not seek out conflict, but to stand against it. Although his intentions were good, Anakin Skywalker eventually succumbed to the Dark Side when he sought the power of the Force. In training, Cal was brought up in the Jedi Order and under a master who instilled discipline into him. This training prevented him from succumbing to the dark side.

The first time that he encounters Tarfful, Cal runs into the trap set by the Second Sister. Thankfully, the BD-1 saved him by activating an energy shield between him and the Second Sister. During the fight, Cal is able to find the recording of Eno Cordova, who instructed him to search for his former Padawan, Chieftain Tarfful.

he is a starkiller

The character of Starkiller was conceived to be powerful in the Force. He was dubbed a “Force wrecking ball.” His name came from the name of the original Sith Lord, Luke Skywalker. Starkiller was voiced by Sam Witwer, who also provided his likeness. Rey and Cal are similar in many ways, but Rey’s Force-based abilities seem a bit stronger than Cal’s.

If this game is based on Star Wars, it may refer to the protagonist of Jedi: Fallen Order. Star Wars fans are probably familiar with Cal Kestis, but the title of the game suggests that he is a Starkiller clone. The game could also be set around the same time as Jedi: Fallen Order. If this is the case, Starkiller could appear in both films.

he is killed while building a lightsaber

After his lightsaber breaks, Cal is left with the broken remains of his former Jedi master, Jaro Tapal, who was killed while having a Force vision on the planet Dathomir. Later in the game, Cal builds a new lightsaber using a kyber crystal that he fashioned himself. During his career, the Jedi Master, Obi-Wan Kenobi, was always the first to teach the newer lightsabers how to use them. Interestingly, he lost several of his own lightsabers while learning about the Force and he even attempted to turn the young Cal into a dark Jedi twice.

Even though Cal is an ideal Jedi, his actions do not benefit the galaxy. He slaughters more than a hundred sentient beings in the second installment of the series, including an entire Dathomirian Nightbrothers tribe, and he doesn’t care that they’re trying to protect their culture. This lack of empathy makes him an unlikable character. Fortunately, Cal’s character development has improved over the years.

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