One of the biggest questions asked by Game Grumps fans is “why did Jontron leave the show?” While the community was elated when he announced his departure, there were also mixed feelings. Were the fans upset that the show was ending? Would Jon’s replacement do a better job? Ultimately, we can’t know for sure. But we can guess at the reason why Jon left the show.

why did jontron left game grumps

The reason JonTron left Game Grumps has been a source of rumor and speculation. The controversies surrounding the show caused many to speculate about the reason he left. Luckily, the creators of the show have not addressed this question explicitly, but fans have speculated about his departure and how the show will be affected. Despite the rumors, there is no clear answer for the question. It’s not known what his intentions are, but Jon’s last tweet is not exactly revealing the truth about the situation.

Game Grumps has also announced the split of its cast. JonTron, a member of the Game Grumps, has left the show to pursue his own projects. Danny will take over as the voice of the robot. Brian and Danny are also members of NinjaSexParty, a self-described comedy band. The show is in its second season and features Egoraptor, JonTron, and Arin.

While Game Grumps’ official explanation of JonTron’s departure is unclear, Jon McElroy’s comments on the matter are interesting. While the Game Grumps have not revealed the reasons why Jon left, Jon has been a part of the show for six years, making his departure the most surprising. Nevertheless, Game Grumps’ fans will always miss him and his funny antics. If you’re wondering why JonTron left Game Gumps, you’ve come to the right place.

Despite Jon’s abrupt departure from Game Grumps, he’s been quiet ever since. During his last video, he sat silent for almost two months, but he later returned to the show on May 3. It’s also possible that Jon’s absence has prompted other team members to leave as well. There have been a number of controversies involving the gamer and the show’s new leader.

The news that JonTron’s departure from Game Grumps was met with a lot of speculation. The group’s members haven’t explicitly stated why Jon left, but the rumors have remained largely unproven. Some say that he’s just leaving the show to concentrate on his YouTube channel, while others say he’s just focusing on his solo work. In any case, no one knows for sure.

Earlier Game Grumps content was more controversial than the recent material. Several instances of racial expletives were used. In addition, the show’s host, Jon, was involved in a separate controversy where he echoed white nationalist talking points. After this, he later said that he was not a racist. Apparently, he was fired for this reason.