How Do I Change My Country on Battlenet?

If you are tired of being stuck in a region you never play in, then this article is for you. Battlenet has a feature that allows you to change your country/region to a different location. Changing your country on Battlenet is easy, and there are a few steps you need to follow to make it happen. We’ll walk you through these steps and more! Read on to learn how to change your country in Battlenet.

Changing the region

The first step in changing the region of Battle Net is to log out of the game. From the login screen, tap the world icon. This will open a list of regions. Select the region you’d like to play in and then login again. After you have selected a new region, you can choose another country and then change it back to your preferred one. Note: Changing the region of Battle Net may affect your game’s testing mode.

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