How to Dress Upright Orcs in World of Warcraft

If you’re a World of Warcraft player, you’ve probably wondered how to best dress an orc in the game. This article will cover several different poses, including those of Mag’Har and Gul’dan, as well as those of the Frostwolf clan. This will allow you to select the perfect pose for your character. You can even choose a pose based on the type of playstyle your character plays.


The Mag’har are a group of orcs that have survived the corruption of the Burning Legion. They are located in the northern region of Nagrand. Their orcish namesake means “uncorrupt”, and their new appearance and emotes are reminiscent of orcish buildings in Warcraft: Orcs & Humans. While the Mag’har look more warlike than most orcs, their orcish namesakes still make them an interesting enemy.

Lordaeron’s upright orcs

The Warcraft II expansion Tides of Darkness introduces a new element to the story: the evil Horde. Originally, the Horde were undead warriors who fought against the human race. However, after the invasion of Azeroth by the Horde, the remaining humans fled to the neighboring continent of Lordaeron and formed the Alliance. Now, two factions stand side by side, fighting for global dominance.


The World of Warcraft character Gul’dan is an orc who was born on the world of Draenor. His village is unknown to the public, but no one can doubt that he was born crippled and deformed. Growing up, he was the target of abuse and never accepted by his clan. That’s why he hated them and fought back with a fierce spirit that would eventually bind him to the Throne of the Elements.

Frostwolf clan

Unlike the Burning Legion, the upright orcs of the Frostwolf clan of World of Warcraft can’t take blood. These orcs were a diabolical force, controlled by warlock magic, but there are few of them left in the game. Alliance and Horde members are in constant battle for control of the realm, and these warriors have proven that they are more than willing to fight back when needed.

Laughing Skull clan

The Laughing Skull are World of Warcraft upright orcs. They are a small clan, and a lot of their lore revolves around their insaneness and dislike of being ordered around. They are the kind of clan that is best suited for those who enjoy a little chaos. Their lore also emphasizes their ruthlessness and savagery.


In the latest expansion, Battle for Azeroth, the race of orcs is MAG’HAR. Unlike their hunched counterparts, these’magic orcs’ do not crouch and make for interesting wardrobe experiments. During the datamining for the expansion, researchers uncovered the existence of upright orcs, which feature their own animation set and brown skin. The characters look very different from bell-ringing orcs and are surprisingly fun to dress up as.

Warchief Thrall

The sky gleamed blue, with pink-tinged clouds. Thick green grass carpeted the ground. The echoes of running water and birds’ calls rang in the distance. The peacefulness of Nagrand lingered in the air, and Thrall felt a tug at his heart. He had come to learn and work, not to perform petty ceremonies.

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