How to Find Higher Level Activities in Loch Modan in World of Warcraft

If you’re new to the World of Warcraft, you may be wondering how to find higher level activities in Loch Modan. While many of these activities are simple, there is also a lot of higher level activity that new players may not be familiar with. The first step is flying to Thelsamar, the Alliance capital of Loch Modan. From there, you can ride the dragon to Uldaman. This will require more leveling than leveling in the teens zone.


In the World of Warcraft, you’ll find dwarves in Loch Modan, a large freshwater lake in the Ironforge Mountains. The loch is inhabited by both dwarves and hostile troggs. The former inhabit the area in the form of small, primitive camps, and the latter dwell in caves and islands. Whether you’re looking for a place to fish or a safe haven from the dangers of the outside world, Loch Modan has it all.

You can find dwarves in Loch Modan during fishing season by searching around the western part of the lake. During fishing season, dwarves live in small dwellings near the dock, which they use to store their packages in. However, during the day, they’ll hide their package beneath the dock in a watertight box. The next time you visit Loch Modan, make sure to seek out the dwarves.


In the southwestern part of the Kingdom of Khaz Modan lies a rugged mountain zone called Loch Modean. The area is notable for its lake and stonewrought dam, with dwarven faces carved into it. The majority of the inhabitants here are dwarves, with a few troggs roaming the archaeological digsites. Loch Modan is intended for Alliance players of level 10 and up.

In the first game, Gnomes were essentially a race of tinkers that lived underground. However, they quickly became a threat to the Alliance. That’s when the gnomes in Loch Modan started to rally to fight back. Alliance forces pushed into the region, but ultimately failed. Instead, the surface of Gnomeregan was transformed into the starting area for gnome adventurers.


One of the best places in the game to find a group of mountaineers is the city of Loch Modan. This dwarven outpost is the perfect place for people to practice secondary professions. However, it has some drawbacks. First, there’s the problem of rodents. Luckily, there are kobold encampments and caves nearby that can give you a quick introduction to higher-level dungeons. This way, you can get some nice green items and experience quickly.

For Alliance players, the first quest involves killing 10 Stonesplinter Troggs and their scouts. After that, loot their Stone Tooth and return to the Valley of Kings. In defense of the King’s Lands is a level-48 quest. You can also try to get the key from Mountaineer Pebblebitty to access the Searing Gorge. If you’re looking for an even more challenging quest, try the Redridge Mountains or the Westfall.

Stonewrought Dam

The Stonewrought Dam in Loch Modan is an incredible feat of dwarven engineering. This dam doubles the size of Loch Modan and creates the flooded plains of the Wetlands. However, this feat of engineering has been plagued with attacks by the Dark Iron Clan. To combat these attacks, Ironforge dwarves have increased security at the dam. Here are three reasons why this dam is worth exploring.

The first thing that new players should do in Loch Modan is explore the Stonewrought Dam. This renowned landmark lies on the northwestern border of the zone. The dam itself forms a large lake that dominates the area. The area is home to close to 60 quests and is easily accessible from the Alliance starting zone of Dun Murogh. The dam is the largest in the world. You can find it on the map of World of Warcraft’s Ironforge.

Blackrock Spire

A key for the Valley of Kings is located inside the blackrock spire in Loch Modan. It is a useful item if you need to travel out of Loch Modan to another zone. The key opens a secret door that can only be unlocked with a certain Alliance quest. Alternatively, if you are a Horde player, the key is needed before you can visit the Stonewrought Pass in Ironforge.

The area is full of dwarves. It is the home of several famous dwarven cities, including Blackrock Spire. The Blackrock Spire is one of the best places to find these creatures. You can also visit the nearby Dun Algaz, which is only accessible to Dwarves. This zone also features several islands. In addition to dwarves, you’ll be able to find a few Troggs along the lake’s shoreline.

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