How to Get Diancie in Pokemon Moon

Diancie is a mythical Pokemon that can evolve into a shiny and learn Diamond Storm. Diancie’s other strong moves are mostly defensive in nature and are great for double battles. These include Calm Mind, Light Screen, Reflect, Trick Room, and Safeguard.

Mega Diancie is a Rock/Fairy-type Pokemon

Mega Diancie is a Rock/fairy Pokemon introduced in Generation III. It is similar to Mewthree but has no evolution. This Pokemon’s design is most likely influenced by a mythical creature called the carbuncle. Diancie’s name is a combination of the words diamond, fancy, and ishi, which means stone in Japanese. Mega Diancie is the only Rock/fairy Pokemon without an evolution. This is because its legendary status would not translate well to gameplay.

Mega Diancie uses its Magic Bounce Ability to bounce Status Attacks back to their user. This makes them extremely powerful. Unlike most Pokemon, Diancie can learn Diamond Storm, which allows it to instantly generate diamonds. However, the ability can only be learned if Mega Diancie is obtained legally.

Mega Diancie’s speed is a huge benefit and makes it a great choice for a Rock/Fairy team. It can deal with ground-type Pokemon while remaining protected. It has good defense and has an excellent defense against Choice-locked Kartana.

Mega Diancie is a Rock/fairy Pokemon that has a lot of potential in competitive battling. Its Magic Bounce ability is an excellent counter to suicide leads and gives it a good base offense. Additionally, its 110-speed makes it capable of checking threats like Darkrai and Yveltal. In addition, it has good utility and is able to switch into either Dragon or Fire.

Mega Diancie has the highest base stats among Fairy-type Pokemon. Its Attack and Special Attack are also the highest. This makes it a flexible Pokemon and is one of the strongest Fairy-types. However, Mega Diancie is not without its weaknesses. The most obvious weakness is to Steel-type Pokemon.

It can learn Diamond Storm

The signature move of the Rock-type Diancie is Diamond Storm, which has a base power of 100. The move has a 50 percent chance to raise the Defense stat of its target. Since Diancie is a Rock-type, its Defense stat is naturally high. The move can also boost the Defense stat of Pokemon that have a high Attack stat. It is best used on Pokemon with a high Attack stat because its physical damage is better suited for Rock-types.

While this game has similar gameplay mechanics to other games in the franchise, its bonus round makes it more exciting. This game has five reels and thirty paylines, and your objective is to match identical symbols in rows from left to right. The more combinations you can match, the bigger your prize will be.

Diancie’s Diamond Storm attack is one of the most powerful attacks in the game. Its power and accuracy are unusually high. In addition, it has an unusually high chance of raising Defense. This attack is especially useful if your Diancie is engaged in Double Battles, as it can boost its Defense twice in a single turn. This attack also makes it useful against Steel-type opponents.

It is a mythical Pokemon

Diancie is one of the legendary Pokemon. She is the only one of the Mythical Pokemon who can Mega Evolve. This transformation brings Diancie’s hidden beauty to the forefront. During the transformation, she gives up defensive power to gain dynamic Attack, Special Defense, and Speed stats. However, her Mega Evolution does not improve her HP.

Diancie is a Rock/Fairy type Pokemon. It can learn the move Diamond Storm, which allows it to create diamonds instantly. As of the time of writing, Diancie is the only Pokemon that can learn Diamond Storm. This move is only available if the player obtains Volcanion or a Pokemon Bank. It can also Mega Evolve into Mega Diancie.

It can evolve into a shiny

Unlike her legendary counterpart, Diancie can learn both physical and special attacks. Her most powerful attack is Moonblast, which is great against Steel-type enemies. The other strong moves you can learn on Diancie are Light Screen, Reflect, and Calm Mind. These moves can boost Diancie’s stats and will also help you win double battles.

Diancie is a Rock/Fairy type Pokemon. It is one of only two Pokemon that can Mega evolve. It can also learn the move Diamond Storm, which is unique to it. Diancie can only be obtained legally through the Pokemon HOME and the Pokemon Bank. It can also Mega Evolve into Mega Diancie if it learns two new moves and a second one.

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