How to Get Influence Points in The Sims 4

There are numerous ways to gain influence points in The Sims 4. There are two major ways to earn them – enacting a new N.A.P. and voting on a Neighborhood Action Plan. You can get more influence points by planting a garden. However, this method may not work if your sim is not your friend. Here are a few tips to get more influence points.

Voting on a Neighborhood Action Plan costs 10 Influence Points

You can influence your neighbors by clicking on them and using the ‘Influence’ function. This feature can cost 5 Influence Points, but once activated, gives you 15 instantly. It also helps increase your influence count when voting. You can use the ‘Influence Points Cheat’ to get an extra 15 Influence Points right away and boost your vote count. The Sims 4 game also allows you to turn off NPC voting and remove action plans.

There are many different ways to gain influence points. For example, making friends and getting promoted in the workplace will give you influence points, but you can also earn influence points by organizing parties or organizing friendly interactions. You can also spend influence points on other activities to get influence points in Sims 4. Once you have acquired enough influence points, you can vote on a Neighborhood Action Plan. To do this, visit the mailbox or community council to get the ballot.

Enacting a new N.A.P. costs 10 Influence Points

You can propose a new N.A.P. on the community’s voting board. But you will need ten Influence Points to do this. The influence that you can gain by proposing a new N.A.P. depends on your popularity level. Sims with lower popularity can have a difficult time getting their voices heard.

Once you have enough influence points, you can vote on N.A.P.s by convincing Sims to vote for them. You need to convince them that the new N.A.P. is good for their community. If your sim doesn’t care about the environment, they may vote for it anyway. However, if your Sim’s neighbor does not like your idea, then it will not be effective.

Neighborhood Action Plans affect the entire neighborhood. You can create a neighbourhood action plan that focuses on going green or making environmentally-friendly decisions, or you can choose to be silly and vote against it. However, you should consider that the N.A.P.s that you create will have a direct effect on your Sims’ bills and income from careers. Therefore, read the text carefully before making a decision, and make sure that your Sim understands the consequences.

Getting more influence points by gardening

There are numerous ways to earn influence points in Sims 4. For instance, you can start a new community project and use the influence points you’ve earned from your garden to lobby your neighbor’s neighbors. You can also participate in the Community Voting Board, located in the community lot and mailbox. To convince your neighbor to vote for your project, you need to have at least 5 influence points. Depending on how you play the game, you may not be successful.

You can earn influence points by making friends and fulfilling their wants. Influence points are indicated by a blue border. Your Sim’s influence is increased by making friends, and when he gains enough influence points, he can command other Sims. However, you can cheat and get more influence points by a shortcut. To activate the cheat box, press ctrl+shift+c. Once the cheat box has opened, you must click ESC to close it.

Other ways to get influence points

If you have been wondering how to get influence points in The Sims 4, you should know that these points are directly related to the game’s social life. As such, the best way to gain influence points is to be socially active and engage with others. There are other ways to get influence points, too, such as using cheats or a job promotion. Either way, these methods will be helpful in your gameplay.

One of the best ways to get influence points is to convince other Sims to vote for your N.A.P. (National Action Plan). If you have influence points, you can persuade a Sim to vote for your idea, but this method will cost you five Influence Points. If you don’t know the other Sim, however, it’s a hit-or-miss interaction.

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