How to Transfer Items Between Characters in Lost Ark

If you want to start a new character or account, you’ll probably wonder how to transfer items between characters in Lost Ark. There are several ways to do this, including knowledge transfers. But before we get into these methods, we should first cover some important requirements. Then, we’ll talk about using the Cryopod to transfer items. Hopefully this will help you out! And, as always, we’ll answer any other questions you might have.

Knowledge Transfers

When playing the hit MMO, Lost Ark, it is possible to skip leveling the alternate account. To transfer knowledge between characters, players need to be level 50. To do so, they must have completed the main quest line and earned 600 gold. To transfer the knowledge, players must purchase Knowledge Transfer. This service costs 600 gold and takes eight hours to complete. Once the knowledge transfer is completed, the character will be leveled up to the same level as the main account.

This feature is called Knowledge Transfer, and allows players to create an alternative Lost Ark account. This way, players can share experience and knowledge between the two characters. The knowledge you gain can be transferred to the alternate character, allowing you to level up both characters without having to manually level them. This feature is available for all classes, as long as both characters use the same game account. Fortunately, this issue can be fixed, thanks to the Lost Ark forums.

The Knowledge Transfer Machine requires eight hours of game time to complete, so players can log out of the game while the process is taking place. While the knowledge transfer is in progress, players can still level up their characters and complete side quests. This is especially useful if they’re grinding on the alternate accounts at the same time. As a bonus, players can earn engraving books and roster experience on their alternate accounts. But beware of the lag. Knowledge Transfer will take a while, so be prepared to log in and play another character for a few hours.

Requirements for Knowledge Transfers

You can transfer knowledge between your Lost Ark characters with the help of Knowledge Transfer. To perform this function, you must be level 50. Once you have reached this level, you can then perform a Knowledge Transfer by paying 600 in-game gold. Once you have completed the training area, you can then perform the Knowledge Transfer. To begin the process, you must first complete the campaign. After this, you should go to the training area to earn a certain number of experience points.

Before transferring knowledge between characters, you must first complete the main storyline of each continent and level one of your characters manually. In addition, you should have reached the level cap for the character you wish to transfer the knowledge to. The Knowledge Transfer option is available when you have completed the main storyline on a continent. In order to do this, you must manually level one character to its respective continent level cap.

The Knowledge Transfer feature in Lost Ark is an excellent way to level alts without grinding or spending real money. It requires your character to complete at least eight real-time training hours and a certain portion of the main storyline. In addition to saving you a great deal of time, it also makes it easy to level up alternate characters quickly. It’s also easy to use, so you’ll be happy you decided to use it.

Using Cryopod to transfer items

Using Cryopod to transfer items from one character to another can be a great way to trade or exchange creatures. While this method will remove a creature’s saddle, imprint quality, and mutations, it is also an unintended way to bypass Tribe Governance. Once you have un-Cryopoded a creature, the item will remain in the other character’s inventory.

Using Cryopod to transfer items from one character to another can also be very helpful in Lost Ark. Using Cryopod can transfer items between characters and even between different game accounts. This means you don’t need to carry items from one character to another to help your alt character advance. Using Cryopod to transfer items from one character to another will also save you from the hassle of buying expensive items for each character.

Although the game does not require artifacts to be transferred between characters, you can still use them to summon bosses from another. Cryopods can carry multiple artifacts and provide hypothermic insulation, making them extremely useful for running boss battles. As with any transfer, you should backup your game world before using it. The same goes for transferring characters between servers.

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