If you are wondering how to use Sonar in Ark: Survival Evolved, read this. You will learn how to use it, relic search, and level up through excavation. As a result, you’ll be an expert Loot Hunter in no time. And that’s before we get into Relic Search. Hopefully, this article will help you get the most out of these new features in Ark: Survival Evolved.


If you’re wondering how to use sonar in Lost Ark, it’s a lot easier than you might think. Using the sonar ability is a great way to find nodes and find your way around. When you’re looking for a certain relic, you can use the arrow indicator and toggle the initial sonar to make your search easier. You can also use the sonar to find materials and other items.

The sonar ability is a special ability that unlocks once you unlock crafting. It is extremely useful for detecting relics and treasure. The game uses a system called Trade Skills, which allows you to unlock multiple crafting abilities in a short amount of time. The first of these is the ability to find treasure, which is a great way to make extra money in the game. Using this skill will help you find relics in various locations. The relic itself can be a good source of items, especially if you have a good sonar.

Relic Search

You can unlock the ability to find relics by using sonar in the Lost Ark. Using sonar will generate a blue tracker above your head and it will increment in rhythm as you approach an artifact. Once you are close to a relic, simply press ‘Relic Search’ to uncover the area. This will uncover any relics in the area and add them to your inventory.

First, you need to learn how to use sonar in the Lost Ark. This skill is essential in locating relics and other treasures. In the game, you must collect enough materials for it to be worthwhile. You can find relics at certain locations, depending on the rarity of the relics. When you find a relic, it can be a useful item, as it can give you materials you can use in crafting your gear.

Leveling up through excavating

If you are looking for a quick way to level up your character, you can try leveling up through digging in the game’s different regions. These areas have special resources you can use. For instance, you can use Leap’s Essence to double-trade skills and earn rewards in a mini game. To make the most of your digging experience, you can check if relics are located in the area. If they are, the area is marked with a grey relic rune.

For leveling up through digging, you will need to craft special excavating tools. There are four different levels of excavating tools. The more rare the tool is, the better its perks. The first leveling up through digging will cost you 100 Adventurer’s Seals, while the second level will require you to spend 5000 Gold to acquire an excavating tool. Once you have enough of these, you can begin exploring the ruins of Helmon Castle.

Loot Hunter

When playing the game, you can use the special Trade Skill ability sonar to locate buried treasures and relics. Sonar is a great way to find both items and relics – just make sure to learn it before starting your adventure. This skill unlocks when you unlock crafting and excavating. This skill is the best tool to find buried treasures and relics because it can detect even tiny objects such as coins.

When hunting for loot in Lost Ark, you should know how to use sonar to choose the right route. Once you find a relic spawn, you can use sonar to identify which route you need to take. It’s a lot easier than using a metal detector because you know exactly where nodes will spawn. Sonar will beep faster the closer you are to the relic, which makes finding it easy.

Sniffer dog

You can equip your Sniffer Dog with an upgraded excavating skill. This skill increases the chances of finding rare materials when you find relics. Additionally, the Sniffer Dog’s drop rate is increased for three minutes. This ability is especially useful when you’re trying to find rare materials, such as gold, that are difficult to find. As with any animal, this ability is not available to everyone, and you may want to level up your dog to make it more useful to you.

You can also use the Relic Search skill to find buried Relics. If you have this skill, you have an increased chance to find treasure chests. It also increases your movement speed and stacks up to five times, triggering a mini-game. Finally, you can use the Sniffer Dog, which increases the drop rate of rare materials and increases the chance of finding them. Using this skill can be extremely beneficial in the Lost Ark, as it can increase the chance of finding rare materials.

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