Lost Ark – How to Make Silver, Gold, and Spectral Tooki in Treasure Chests

In Lost Ark, you can earn Silver coins by completing Side Quests, Chaos Dungeons, and Treasure Chests. You can also get Silver coins by killing monsters and completing quests. There are also many ways to get Silver coins, such as crafting, spectral tooki, and Spectral Stones. However, these methods may not be effective for everyone. If you’re looking to earn a lot of silver in Lost Ark, you’ll need to know how to maximize your opportunities.

Side Quests

There are many ways to earn silver in Lost Ark, including by doing Side Quests. You can get lots of them if you do them frequently. Each side quest has a different type of quest, such as a chest, which will give you extra silver. Also, side quests can help you get useful gear and resources, which can greatly increase your power. In this article, we’ll cover three ways to make silver from Lost Ark side quests.

Completing daily tasks will reward you with silver, as will the Chaos Dungeons. You can also build rapport with NPCs to gain various benefits. Every time you build rapport with an NPC, you’ll get a little more silver in return. Finally, you can always exchange your silver for gold. You’ll also be able to use these in other ways besides making silver.

Chaos Dungeons

As you’re leveling, one of the easiest ways to increase your silver supply is by completing the various Chaos Dungeons in the game. Each run will earn you a certain amount of silver. The higher the difficulty of a dungeon, the more silver it’ll give you. It’s best to aim for the highest difficulty setting when completing Chaos Dungeons so you can maximize your silver yield.

When clearing Chaos Dungeons, it’s important to remember that completing them will earn you special currency items. These are shards, crystals, Battle Engravings, and different rarities of jewelry. The UI will show you what you can expect to earn from one run and how much you can earn from other runs. Using this currency will let you spend it on what you need to buy and equip.

Treasure Chests

If you are wondering how to make silver in Treasure Chests of the Lost Ark, you can use these tips! First, you need to know how to make Crystals. This currency is obtained by logging in to the game. Alternatively, you can purchase these crystals in the game store for real-world money. Once you have them, you can sell them for gold at currency exchangers.

The best way to make Silver in Treasure Chests of the Lost Ark is to collect it from Chaos dungeons. These dungeons will reward you with a good amount of silver. You can then use the silver to repair your gear or reroll the stats of your items. The process of rerolling gems will also cost you Silver, so it is recommended that you make use of it. You can also grind it for Silver in Chaos dungeons.

Spectral Tooki

In order to become the Spectral Tooki, you must first complete the quest, “Awakening the Spectral Tooki.” The Tooki King is the fourth step of the quest. To begin, you must gather enough tooki treasure to fill 101 chests. Once you have completed this task, you can face the Tooki King. Unlike normal bosses, the Tooki King does not attack or display an HP bar. Instead, he will simply run away from you. While this might sound easy, he is quite tanky and may require many hits to bring down.

The Tooki King spawns in the Tooki’s spawn area. After killing the Tooki King, you can proceed to spawn the mokoko seed, hidden behind a leaf-roof mushroom home. This item can only be used in the Lost Ark version. It is not available for Xbox One or PlayStation 4 versions. You can only obtain it on PC. Spectral Tooki in Lost Ark

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