What Engravings For Paladin Lost Ark Builds Are Available?

When it comes to the Paladin class, engravings can make or break your performance, and there are several to choose from. Many of them will enhance performance in Guardian Raids, Chaos Dungeons, and more. Some engravings, such as Awakening, can increase the frequency with which you use Identity Skill and fill up your Identity Gauge more quickly. Other engravings, such as Blessed Aura, will heal you whenever you use Identity Skill.


Sacred Executioner and Blessed Aura are two of the most powerful damage abilities in the game and both Paladins should focus on these Engravings when building a new build. With the addition of Judgment, these abilities will also give the Paladin an excellent tanking option. They can also be effective support skills because they will boost the piety meter faster, allowing for more uptime of the Holy Aura.

The first set of Judgment engravings for the Paladin will allow you to use the powerful Alithanes’ Judgement ability to launch a massive barrier that covers all enemies nearby. This ability will also increase your damage output when you are in Sacred Executioner mode. Judgment is also a skill that allows you to enhance your blue Punishment abilities in Sacred Executioner mode. Engraving Recipe Books are obtained through Abyssal Dungeons and Guardian Raids.

Blessed Aura

If you’re looking to get a new look for your Paladin, it’s a good idea to upgrade the Blessed Aura on your class. This Engraving increases the damage dealt by your Holy Aura, while also increasing your Piety Meter. In addition to healing, Blessed Aura can also increase your Piety Meter’s uptime. Here’s how to find the best Blessed Aura engravings in the game.

When looking to level up your Blessed Aura, you’ll find two engravings for your class. The Judge is a DPS focused engraving that boosts your damage skills, increases gauge acquisition, and makes it easier to get into the Sacred Executioner window. The Blessing is a healing spell that reduces damage by 20% and heals you periodically. You can learn both types of engravings from the Book of Coordination, which is found in your character’s inventory.


When it comes to Paladin class engravings, there is a lot to choose from. In addition to their stat boosts, some of them have negative side effects, which you should be aware of. Fortunately, there are some options that will make choosing a Paladin engraving easier. Read on to learn about the best options for your character. Grudge engravings increase damage dealt to bosses and players alike.

Judgment Lvl 3: This is a must-have for the Punish build. This skill increases your Piety Meter and the duration of your Sacred Executioner mode. Similarly, you should consider taking Adrenaline 3 for your Judgment Paladin. Adrenaline 3 boosts your crit rate and gives you more DPS. While Grudge doesn’t have any major downsides, it is a good engraving for your Judgment Paladin.

Master of Strikes

While Master of Strikes has a great variety of engravings, there are certain ones that you should avoid. Especially if you’re playing a casual class, these engravings will likely end up making your build less balanced. If you’re looking for an extremely powerful Paladin, then you should focus on Sacred Executioner and Judgment, two skills that have been deemed underwhelming by players. Combined, these abilities can provide a powerful tanking build. Regardless of which of these skills you select, make sure you focus on the best ones.

Another type of engraving that you should avoid is Propulsion. This engraving will increase damage by 16% while you are in melee range. However, you will have to use your dodge move every 5 seconds to maintain its effect, which can make you vulnerable to attacks. If you are a tanky class that relies on a dodge move often, this engraving can be a good choice. Besides, it gives you 16% more damage when you hit, which is good for your tanky class.

Cursed Doll

The Cursed Doll is a very useful item in Paladin: it increases attack power and reduces incoming healing by 50%. Engraving this item will give you additional attack power and damage. At level four, it will grant you twelve activation points for its engraving effect. Increasing your Cursed Doll’s level will also give you higher chances to obtain Perfect Suppression’s Uncommon engraving effect.

When choosing the best Cursed Doll engravings for Paladin, be careful not to purchase the first one you see. There is a risk that the engraving will vanish after a week or month of use, so make sure to carefully choose your spec. Also, remember that not all engravings are good at level one. Engravings that are beneficial at a low level are often useless.


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