What Ship Should I Upgrade First in Lost Ark?

If you’re thinking of upgrading your Lost Ark ship, you might be wondering what ship to choose first. There are six different sailing hazards: the Kelp Beds, Sandstorm Seas, Siren Seas, Cold Snap, Tempest, and Dead Waters. Depending on your current ship’s speed and durability, each has different health and sailing speed. To make the most informed decision possible, here’s a guide to ship upgrades in Lost Ark: What Ship Should I Upgrade First?

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The Astray is one of the most important ships in Lost Ark. Not only does it have the highest speed in the game, but it also has the best resistance. There are several ways to upgrade the Astray. First, stop it at level seven. That way, you can unlock the fourth crew slot. Then, you can have four crew members to increase your speed and resistance. You can always choose to upgrade your Astray again, but it’s very expensive.

In Lost Ark, you can upgrade the Astray Ship by completing certain quests and getting specific parts. First of all, you should complete the quest “Set Sail!” located in Rothun and East Luterra. After you’ve completed this quest, you can use your Astray to explore secret areas and collect rare materials. This quest can take about 12 days to complete. Secondly, you can buy the Astray Construction Blueprint from Mariner Rosa in Blackfang’s Den.

White Wing

The White Wing is one of the most important ships to upgrade in Lost Ark. This ship is faster and has better resistance to kelp. In addition to speed, it also has the highest Siren Seas resistance. There are eight ship classes in the game and each one will get better in different ways. The Estoque is an excellent all-around ship. The Astray is a fast ship that can navigate kelp waters. The Brahms is a slow ship with high Siren Seas resistance.

The Estoque is another good ship to upgrade. This ship has enough resistance against hazardous water types, and it’s fast enough to beat most other ships. It also has adequate durability, so it won’t miss any content. The Ashtray is another good ship to upgrade, but you’ll have to spend more time grinding to get it. Alternatively, you can try the White Wind. This ship is more durable than most, which is another important factor when upgrading.


In the main campaign of the game, you can unlock the ship Estoque. You can also unlock it by doing the Purple Quest Adventure Begins Again quest. To upgrade this ship, you will need to have completed Blackfang’s story. The Estoque gives you bonuses to your ship’s stats, and it can also assign resistances. However, you should note that resetting resistances will cost crystals, so it’s important to choose your ship wisely when you first start upgrading.

The Estoque has an excellent base speed, and is easily upgraded. It can handle most of the game’s threats. As a bonus, it’s also easy to acquire. The ship comes with a crew, and can be easily upgraded. It also has a balanced base speed, and equal resistance to most threats. In addition, it is one of the easiest ships to upgrade, as it is the only one with equal Strength and Defense stats in all seas.


The Eurus ship is one of the best ships in Lost Ark, and it can be a great way to explore the game world. In Lost Ark, you can choose from a wide range of different ships, but none of them can beat the Estoque for speed. In addition, most of the faster Lost Ark ships are quite expensive and hard to find. Despite the limitations of these ships, they are still fantastic for short voyages. Eurus’s speed and durability make it a great option for a first ship.

A strong ship is the Estoc, which can handle most threats in Lost Ark. The Estoc’s base speed is twenty, and its durability is three thousand, making it an excellent option for any crew. This ship also has equal resistance to all different threats, making it a great choice for any mission. Those looking for a fast ship can upgrade the Estoc to a level five.

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