Who Tooted is a gassy good time for all ages. This fun game is played with whoopee shaped controllers that players can push to release gas. The player who releases the gas must guess who tooted before the other players can push the button. There are 10 different sound effects that will make everyone laugh. One of the best parts of the game is the whoopee-shaped controllers. You can even use them as virtual whoopee cushions.

who tooted game

The game is played by hiding the whoopee cushion controllers in different places around the playing area. Once each player has a controller, the youngest press the start button on the game base. The rest of the players move to their designated spaces and attempt to guess who tooted. The first person to reach the finish space wins. The most important rule of the game is to keep your nose turned away from yourself. This will make it easier for the other players to guess your toot.

The controllers do not come on instantly after pressing the start button. Instead, they will randomly light up after 5 seconds. When the players pass through the ‘finish space’, the yellow controller will emit a farting sound. The player who was the first to reach that space is the winner. To play this game, you must remain seated and don’t point the nose towards yourself. Then you have to watch the other players’ faces to guess who tooted them.

Who Tooted is a game that requires 3 to 4 players. It uses a whoopee cushion controller and two AAA batteries. To play, you need to have at least three people. The number of players depends on the size of the playing area. However, it is best to play it with a larger group so that everyone can have a chance to enjoy the game. When it comes to children, Who Tooted is a hit.

The Who Tooted game is a fun game that involves guessing who tooted by pointing the nose of the player with the whoopee cushion. The player who tooted moves forward the same number of spaces as the number of people who were fooled. It’s important to watch their face to win. They may tooted in the same direction as you and aren’t the same person. The only way to win is to be the first to reach the finish space.

The Who Tooted game is a fun farting game that uses a whoopee cushion controller and electronic sound machines. Players must guess the person who controlled the ‘toot’ machine to win. The more people who play the Who Tooted, the better the outcome. You can win a game for several years in a row. It’s also a great party favor for children. If you have a child who loves to play games, they’ll love the Who Tooted game.