The Texans dominated the Oakland Raiders on Sunday, but who won the raiders texans game? During the first half, the Raiders led by seven points, and they were still in control of the game, with two timeouts and a two-minute warning remaining. On the other hand, the Texans’ offense sputtered late in the second half, and the Raiders couldn’t capitalize on a lackluster defense.

who won the raiders texans game

The Texans scored first on a 15-play, 77-yard drive to start the second half. Houston was able to score on two of those drives, but three costly penalties forced the Texans to punt. A tense third-quarter drive ended with a Darren Fells touchdown catch, and the Raiders lost by one score. The Texans have won three straight games in London, but their season is over.

The Texans came back in the second half with a touchdown, and the Raiders were able to score on three of their four possessions in the fourth quarter. However, the Texans failed to convert on those chances, and they had to settle for a tiebreaker in order to advance. As a result, they missed an opportunity to set up three home games in a row.

The Raiders held Watson in check through the first half, but the Texans were able to make plays on the second half. Derek Carr threw for 156 yards and ran for another forty-six in the third quarter. The Raiders got a score in the first half on a nice play design to Darren Waller. The Texans did not punt in the second half, which gave them the chance to extend their lead and win the game.

The Raiders are headed to the playoffs for the first time since 2002. But they missed out on a division title after the Chiefs won the game, but they’ve clinched the No. 5 seed for the playoffs. But the Texans are a solid team, and they’ll have a good chance to beat the Carr-less Raiders. In fact, the Texans’ offense threw three touchdown passes on that drive.

The Raiders had the better first half, but the Texans were able to come back in the second half. The Texans’ offense was able to make a few plays. The Texans’ defense held the lead throughout the first half, but they were unable to stop the Texans’ late-game rally. After a scoreless first half, the defending Texans went on to dominate the Raiders, but the team still had one big mistake that cost them the game.

The Texans took the lead in the second half, but in the third quarter, the Raiders regrouped and scored a touchdown to end the game. On the next Raiders’ next possession, a Texans punt was forced into a fourth down inside the red zone. The Texans’ fourth-down conversion failed to go through, and the Texans had a first down to clinch the game.