World of Warcraft Expansion List Leak

According to a World of Warcraft expansion list leak, we can expect the game to include new races, hero classes, and questlines. This article will go over the changes that will be coming in this expansion. There will also be a Classic server option and player housing, according to the leaked source code. However, we are not entirely sure which changes will be made. In the meantime, here are some other things we can expect.

Source code for World of Warcraft site leaked

A recent leak of source code for the World of Warcraft website has left gamers wondering: when will the next expansion be released? A number of subreddits and rumors have speculated that this might be happening soon. A recent discussion in the ResetEra forum suggested that Blizzard is planning to reveal a new expansion soon. Hopefully Blizzard will reveal the news on December 9 on The Game Awards.

A recent World of Warcraft source code leak revealed details of the upcoming TBC expansion, as well as its release date. Despite being leaked ahead of time, the information turned out to be fairly accurate. It showed the expected release date and bundles for the next expansion. The launcher also announced the TBC release date early. The news was confirmed by other sources, so it would appear that this leak was legitimate.

New races and hero classes

In this leak, you can see the name of the next expansion: “The Clash of Kings”. This could mean many things, including new hero classes and races. There is also a new storyline for the expansion: “Zovaal the Jailer has been deactivated. The World Soul of Azeroth is being damaged by this and all the heroes must return to help it.”

The banshee race will have eight new classes and two race-specific classes. The main racial ability of the Naga will be Sea-Brine Toxin, which inflicts intense damage over time. It will also feature new heritage armor, with pearls and gold. It will also have a racial mount, a light-armored Snapdragon. The base of operations for the Jinyu will be an instanced version of Newhome.

While there is no word on spells for Dracthyr yet, we do know that they will have unique armor. Their racial abilities will make them stand out from the rest of the races. They will be able to display their unique shoulder armor, chest pieces, and belts. Their racial abilities include conal tail swipe knock-back, wing buffet conal knock back, and drake-like stances.

Classic server option

A World of Warcraft expansion list leak suggests that Blizzard is planning to announce a new Classic server option soon. The game’s official website accidentally leaked information about the upcoming Dragonflight expansion. Despite its error, the leaked information is a promising sign for World of Warcraft players. It also appears that Blizzard has plans to reveal more information about the upcoming expansion later this month.

In a recent email, Blizzard sent emails to high-profile content creators and WoW’s largest fans informing them of upcoming features, including a new classic server option. One of these emails also outlined the options for a poll asking which of the three expansions would be most popular for the new TBC release: classic servers moving to TBC, new servers starting at level 1 (for level 58 templates, and transferring characters from Classic servers to TBC realms).

New questlines

According to leaked World of Warcraft expansion list, players can expect new storylines and races in Battle for Azeroth. A leak suggests that the new expansion will introduce a new race – the Balor halflings. It will also feature a new class – the Tinker. This class will use a combination of mail armor, gimmicks, and draconian spells.

The newest World of Warcraft expansion, called Chains of Domination, was originally announced for BlizzCon 2021 but has been leaked in the process. The leak comes from Blizzard’s press kit for the event, and reveals several new questlines for the upcoming expansion. Despite the rumors, the game’s developer is working hard to finalize the 9.2 patch, so it’s only a matter of time before it goes live on PC.

The new expansion is the seventh expansion in World of Warcraft and will feature a prologue patch in the weeks leading up to the launch of the next expansion. Players will be able to get a taste of what to expect from the expansion in two short introductory zones: the Undercity and the Lost Lands. While both sides will be looking for the same goal – salvation – the storyline will be entirely different.

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