The goal of the game is to save your twin by finding and defeating the Seven Archons, the gods of Teyvat. Archon Quests are very important to progress in the game, as they focus on the Traveler’s interactions with these gods. The more Archon Quests you complete, the more characters you will receive. Below is a list of each Archon Quest.

Xiao and Ganyu are siblings

The story of Xiao and Ganyu is very different from the usual love triangles that are commonly found in anime and dramas. While Xiao and Ganyu are siblings, their love relationship is more human. This is especially true when they are not acting. Despite their inadequacies, both of them are very close and have a deep connection to each other.

Xiao is an adeptus and a Mountain Demon and one of the playable Anemo characters in Genshin Impact. He is the last of the five foremost Yakshas that Morax had dispatched to slay the demonic spirits in Liyue. Although Xiao is not completely human, his hardened personality has not sullied his character. He is fiercely protective of his Traveler and can summon him at any time by speaking the Traveler’s name. Both Xiao and Ganyu are part of the Liyue culture and hold the oldest contract, which was created 3000 years ago.

Xiao is a Fatui Harbinger

In Genshin Impact, Xiao is one of the Fatui Harbingers. These elite soldiers serve the Cryo Archon Tsaritsa. The game’s title is taken from the Italian theatre genre. “Arlecchino” translates to “Harlequin.” This character may not appear in the main story.

Xiao is a Fatoui Harbinger that helps summon heavenly spirits in Genshin Impact. She is a powerful Fatui Harbinger, but she is also vulnerable to enchanted weapons. Her innate ability to summon the elements is what makes her an effective harbinger. This new ability can be found by interacting with certain objects in the game. Taking advantage of these abilities can help you in your quest to defeat the Enkanomiya.

Zhongli adjusts to mortal life

After completing Archon Quest Act I, Zhongli must now adjust to mortal life. As an archon for thousands of years, he has many memories from his past life. This means he must also keep up with both pleasant and painful ones. Fortunately, there are several in-game books that help him cope with the transition. In particular, we can read Rex Incognito, which has four volumes and is a must-read for Genshin lore enthusiasts.

As a fifth-star character, Zhongli lives in Liyue. He has a history of forgetting his mora. In addition to being serious, he is also a God of Contracts. He is one of the oldest archons in the game, and he is quite capable of combat. As a result, he is an interesting five-star character in Genshin.

Completing Archon Quests rewards you with characters

To start, complete Act I to unlock the first Archon quest. This quest requires Adventurer Rank 30. You can receive up to 180 Primogems for successfully completing the quest. Once you have completed Act I, you can begin the next Archon quest, Chapter II. It will require you to complete chapters I through V before you can progress to Act II. You will need to earn enough Inazuma Experience Points to complete the quest. You will also receive a new character, the Inazuma.

A new Archon Quest is also coming to Genshin Impact. This quest involves exploring ruins in the underground part of the Chasm. The game developers have provided information on the new Archon Quest, including what the new reward will be for completing it. The developers also discussed the new world of The Chasm and shared a brief trailer showing off some of the new features.

Completing Archon Quests can be done as many times as you like

If you’re playing Genshin Impact on PC or PS4, you’ve probably heard that you can do each archon quest as many times as you want. This is true, and while you can go back and do each archon quest as many times as you like, it’s still best to focus on the storyline and complete the Archon Quests in order to advance your character. Genshin Impact has an extensive storyline and several different types of quests, each with different time requirements.

If you’re a new player to the game, you may have missed out on a few of the ‘-oculus’ found in each region. This doesn’t have to be the case. Archon Quests can be completed as many times as you want, which will increase your Archon rank. It’s also possible to speed through Archon Quests and collect ‘-oculus’ in each region.

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