While most professional athletes spend more time in practice than on the court, the NBA requires its players to run during match sessions. During a regular season, NBA players will cover more than 130 miles. While that may not seem like a large amount, it is the equivalent of several marathons. In addition, some players are so athletic that they can cover more distance than that. The average game will last about four and a half minutes, making this number very useful in predicting player performance.

How Many Miles Do NBA Players Run in a Game?

While many players do not run five miles in an NBA game, some of the most notable figures include Bradley Beal, who played all 82 games last season and averaged 36.9 minutes per game. In that time, he logged a total of 222.7 miles, or nearly eight marathons. In addition, he is the only player to break the record in a single NBA season.

The average NBA player runs about 2.6 miles in a single game. In the 2018-19 season, the average NBA player ran 222.7 miles. That’s the equivalent of eight marathons! It’s not surprising that the NBA has started measuring mileage since the 2013-14 season. Some players have more mileage than others, but the average NBA player only runs a little more than three miles per game.

In the 2017-18 season, Bradley Beal played all 82 games for the Washington Wizards. He averaged a league-leading 36.9 minutes per game. This translated to a total mileage of 222.7 miles – the equivalent of more than eight marathons. This is an all-time record, and the NBA began recording player mileage in the 2013-14 season. The average mileage of players has steadily increased over the years.

The NBA is not the only sports league to track the mileage of its players. While some teams are more efficient than others, they all play a big role in the pace of the game. However, the average NBA player runs about two miles every 48 minutes, and some players can cover more than that distance in one game. The fastest player in the NBA is Jimmy Butler, with 2.72 mile per game.

While there is no exact figure, some players have higher average mileages than others. For example, James Harden, who averages 2.54 miles per game, is the slowest player in the NBA, with the lowest average of all players. The shortest NBA player on average does not run more than two miles per game. By comparison, basketball stars are the most active in the league, and have been running for many years.

Other players who are ranked high in terms of mileage are Marcus Morris and Gordon Hayward. These two players are among the league’s most efficient runners. They average 2.71 miles in a game. Other NBA players with the fastest average speed are Isaiah Thomas and John Wall. The NBA started tracking mileage in the 2013-14 season. These statistics have been compiled to make it easier for fans to compare the efficiency of its athletes.

The most popular players who averaged over five miles per game were the Warriors’ James Harden and Paul George. Meanwhile, Luol Deng, who was on the opposite side of the court, averaged 2.72 miles per game. In addition, the NBA is also looking at the pace of play. For example, during early seasons of the 2018-19 season, teams are averaging ten1.8 possessions per 48 minutes, and the pace of play is up from last year’s 88-minute pace.

The NBA started tracking total miles in 2013-14. In the 2018-19 season, Beal averaged 37.9 miles per game, which was the second-lowest. The other nine players who averaged less than a mile each in the league were Jared Butler and LaMarcus Beal. If you’re curious about the NBA’s mileage records, check out these statistics to see how long the average player runs.