How to Get a Fox Pet in Lost Ark

If you’re interested in acquiring a fox pet in Lost Ark, you may be wondering where to start. There are several ways to obtain pets, including the Founder’s Pack, the Helgaia Pet Chest, the Valtan Challenge, and activating Twitch Drops. Hopefully this article will help you on your way. Regardless, here are some useful tips and tricks that will help you acquire your first fox.

Founder’s Pack

You can purchase the Founder’s Pack for the game on Steam. This pack contains several items, including a Founders Exclusive Pet. You’ll also receive three royal kittens, each in a different color and outfit. Depending on your budget, you can purchase this pack with Crystals or Royal Crystals. There are several other ways to buy the Founder’s Pack.

The Founder’s Packs will be available until February 11th. The Bronze Pack will give you 30 Days of Crystalline Aura, which offers various gameplay benefits. It will also grant you Head Start Access, which will allow you to begin playing before the free launch date. It will also grant you access to the Founder’s Exclusive Pet, which can be unlocked once you’ve reached level 50.

Helgaia Pet Chest

The Helgaia Pet chest in Lost Ark is an item that can be found by players. It contains four dragon-bird pets with unique plumages and stat boosts. This chest contains a variety of other items, including birdseed and meat. Read on to find out more about getting this amazing pet chest in Lost Ark. There are four different ways to get this item, so that you can have more than one dragon-bird pet!

The first method is to watch Twitch channels and watch Lost Ark streamers. If you want to earn a free Helgaia Pet chest, you must watch at least four hours during the event between Feb. 7 and Mar. 7. After you complete this task, you will have one month to collect all the rewards. If you don’t have the time to spend four hours daily, you can do it by watching Twitch streams and claiming Twitch Drops.

Valtan Challenge

In the latest update of World of Warcraft, you can earn a rare fox pet by completing the Valtan Challenge. This quest involves defeating a boss, who is known as Valtan. The quest will be given to you as a reward once you reach the end of phase one. However, there is a catch. You must be able to kill the boss in less than three minutes.

Activating Twitch Drops

One of the latest promotions in the game is a ‘Saphia Pet Selection Chest,’ which enables you to choose one of six different fox pets. These foxes will autoloot for you and provide +5% maximum health and +10% crit chance. However, in order to activate this promotion, you will have to buy the new crystalline aura, which basically amounts to a Lost Ark pay subscription. Once you have purchased this item, you will have access to a unique storage environment.

Once you’ve activated the Twitch Drops, log back into Lost Ark. Click the box icon located between the mail envelope and the login rewards button. You’ll need to wait a few hours for the rewards to appear in your game, and you may need to log out and relog if you’ve been playing while trying to claim the Twitch Drops.

Getting a free pet

In a game like Lost Ark, pets are an excellent way to enhance your quality of life. Not only do they automatically grab loot from the ground, but they can also help you access your storage from anywhere and give you small combat buffs. While most pets can be purchased, you can earn them as well. Prime members are also allowed to purchase goods from Lost Ark’s Prime Gaming section. Learn how to get a free fox pet in Lost Ark below!

In Lost Ark, you can use Crystalline Shards to buy pets and other items. These shards are free and can be acquired through various methods. For example, you can use the Crystalline Aura to purchase pets. It will give you access to combat perks and other bonuses, which you would normally have to pay for in the cash shop. But if you want to get a free fox pet, there are a few ways you can do it.

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