How to Get More Pets in Lost Ark

If you’re wondering how to get more pets in Lost Ark, keep reading! This article will explain how to get the Vertus Pet, the Helgaia pet, and more! These are all essential additions to the Founder’s Pack! We’ll also go over how to get a Crystalline Aura! These pets are amazing companions and will help you during the grueling MMO grind.

Vertus Pet

The main weapon of your character is your Vertus Pet. If you’re level 30, you can choose from four different colors. This boosts your defensive and offensive capacities. You can also pick up to four different colors of Vies. If you’re not level 30, you can use the reroll tool to increase the effects of your Vertus Pet. This tool allows you to choose the size, duration, and type of buffs your Vertus Pet will give you.

The best way to get more Vertus Pets is to purchase the Ark Pass. The premium version has three tracks. When you purchase the Ark Pass, you’ll be given access to the Vertus Pet Selection Chest. It will allow you to choose your favorite Vertus Pet. However, you need to buy the premium version before June 18, as the regular one has a deadline of July 14.

Helgaia pet

If you are looking for a way to get more Helgaia Pets in the Lost Ark, you’ve come to the right place! There are four different ways to acquire more Helgaia pets in the game. You can connect your Twitch account with your Lost Ark account and claim a special chest from Twitch, which will award you with a Helgaia Pet. However, be aware that this method only works if you follow a Twitch streamer.

Once you’ve completed the quest, you can go back and purchase more Helgaia pets. To do this, you must watch Twitch streams and play the game for four hours between February 7 and Mar. 7. You can check the rewards page to see how many hours you’ve watched to earn a Helgaia chest. Obviously, this is not an easy task to achieve, but you can get a Helgaia pet chest for free.

Founder’s Pack

The Founder’s Pack contains a number of new and useful items for the game. It contains a three-headed fox mount, a kitty cat, and 30 Resurrection Feathers which can be used to resurrect yourself if you die. In addition, it contains 10,000 Silver which can be used for purchasing items, equipment, and supplies. You can also claim the freebies you earn from the Founder’s Pack.

The Founder’s Pack includes a cat pet that all players start with. It has a name, is free to obtain, and has a subtle utility. The cats are available in three versions, each with their own unique names. They will automatically loot items nearby if they are not a target. The cat also grants extra buffs to the owner if their Crystalline Aura is active.

Crystalline Aura

It’s easy to wonder if the Crystalline Aura is worth it, but it’s important to know that it’s only beneficial for serious players. Most newcomers will not benefit from the Crystalline Aura at the start of Lost Ark, because they will not have access to the Triport, Stronghold, and Bifrost Slots. So how do you make the most of it?

When you purchase the Crystalline Aura, you’ll be able to access more storage, reduce your triport costs, and gain access to more Bifrost slots. Additionally, this will reduce your need for in-game money by 50%. Purchasing the Crystalline Aura is an excellent way to save time and money on traveling in Arkesia. However, be aware that the cost of purchasing this item isn’t free – it costs 420 Blue Crystals.

Learning about Pets quest

If you’re looking to earn more pets in Lost Ark, you can start by completing the Learning about Pets quest. Once you complete the “Demons in Prideholme” mission, you’ll be able to talk to the innkeeper and receive the quest. You’ll be able to pick up Blueberry in Prideholme, Luterra Castle, and Vern Castle. You can then rename and swap pets to create a more complete collection.

The Learning About Pets quest is actually a short guide quest. It requires speaking with a few NPCs. It will teach you the basics of pet care, and in return, will reward you with a cute little bunny. This pet will have a number of useful traits that you can use. If you’re not familiar with these pets, here are a few tips:

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