How to Make Star Wars Rey Costume

For those who have been dying to be Rey this Halloween, you can easily re-create the character’s look at home. Here are a few tips to help you make this look. You will need: Brown boots, Sleeveless shawl, Lightsaber, and Buns. These three pieces will make your costume complete. If you are unsure on which part to use, you can ask a friend or family member for help.

Flat brown boots

If you want to make a pair of flat brown boots for your Star Wars Rey costume, you will have to create a pair of them yourself. Rey’s boots combine the features of a satchel and moccasin. If you don’t have any flat brown boots, you can use a pair of flat shoes from a thrift store. First, remove any braid or fringe from the leather upper. Next, use a needle and fabric glue to attach a long strip of brown leather to the front of the shoe. You can also wrap the strip around the sole of the shoe later.

To complete the look, you can use a basic brown t-shirt to create the basic Rey outfit. You will also need a pair of agave olive relaxed-fit crop pants. Make sure the bottoms of the pants have elastic cuffs. Finally, you need flat brown boots to complete the look. It is a lot easier than you think to make these boots!

Sleeveless shawl

A sleeveless shawl is essential for completing the Rey costume. The shawl can be worn over a grey sweater and wrapped around the front of the body in a V-neck style. It is important to secure the shawl in place with a major brown belt. The shawl should be long enough to cover Rey’s thighs and reach her shins.

For the belt, cut the Oly-Fun in wide strips, approximately one inch wider than the width of Rey’s tummy. You can use an ordinary belt as well, tying the two ends together at the wrist. Alternatively, you can sew a piece of velcro to the end of the belt. To finish the look, attach a strap to your belt.


Those who are looking for a Star Wars Rey costume will find an assortment of great costumes to choose from. Lightsabers, the iconic blade used by Jedi and Sith alike, are an integral part of the Star Wars universe. The sabers of these beloved characters have a long and complicated history. From Anakin Skywalker to Luke Skywalker, you’ll find costumes for boys and girls to match your favorite characters.

A great way to accessorize your Rey costume is to purchase a replica of the lightsaber she uses in the film. The Rubie’s Lightsaber features an accurate replica of the weapon, which is also extendable and works just like the one used by Rey in the movie. This costume accessory is an officially licensed Star Wars: The Last Jedi accessory. It is an excellent way to create the Star Wars Rey look and be able to fight Kylo Ren in style.


To make the iconic Rey buns, start by styling your hair. Separate your hair into three sections, forming a ponytail. Wrap the extra hair around a loop and secure it with bobby pins. Repeat for the remaining three sections. To complete your Rey costume, you can also add a headband or a hat to match the costume. Don’t forget the gloves!

For Rey’s staff, you can purchase one from the dollar store or buy a broomstick from a local hardware store. The bandage should be about 13 feet long and stained in the same color as her shirt. The wrist cuff will depend on what you find while shopping. Another option is to cut an existing waist belt into half. Make sure to use the same technique on both sides.

Arm bandages

To make your own arm bandages for your Star Wars Rey costume, you can simply repurpose your own bicycle arm sleeves. If you can’t find bicycle arm sleeves, you can buy a wrap bandage at your local dollar store. You can also use a strip of fabric or gauze that resembles Rey’s arm bandages. Make sure to use at least 13 feet of bandage per arm. Make sure the bandages are as stained as the shirt and pants. Your wrist cuff will depend on what you find shopping, but if you’re lucky, you can use a waist belt with double buckles and braids.

If you want to go all out as Rey, you can opt for a full Rey costume. The movie version has a brown ankle boot, beige Henley t-shirt, and light gray crop pants. Arm bandages and a functional brown bag are also included with the costume. The brown bag is great for storing candy and other treasures. Besides, the costume also comes with a pair of white gloves.

Wrist cuff

For a simple and inexpensive way to add the perfect finishing touch to your Rey costume, make your own wrist cuffs. Vegetable tanned leather is a great option and you can find a pattern for it for free. You’ll also need a piece of fabric or gauze for each arm. You’ll need about 13 feet of fabric per arm. Depending on where you go shopping, you can make the cuffs from a waist belt with double buckles and braids.

To make your wrist cuffs for your Rey costume, start by choosing the right materials. You can use brown leather for the material. You can also choose a piece of brown felt. Regardless of the material, the end result will be the same: an eye-catching cuff for your wrists. Make sure to make the wristbands a bit bigger than normal.

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