What Skills Are Needed For Diamond Agent Career in Sims 4?

If you’re wondering what skills you’ll need to become a successful diamond agent, there are many things to consider. A diamond agent requires a high Charisma rating and must learn how to flirt and strategically engage in romantic interactions. The following article will discuss these four skills and more. Read on to learn more about how to become a successful diamond agent. Once you’ve mastered these skills, you’ll be well on your way to becoming a successful diamond agent.


If you’re serious about making a profit as a diamond agent in Sims 4, you should consider Otutgoing for a double diamond agent career. These careers offer the highest daily wage, and you can earn an enormous amount of satisfaction points. Besides, you can choose what kind of diamond you want your Sim to be. If you’re playing the role of a secret agent, you can choose the serial romantic aspiration to make daily romantic interactions. It may also be fun to pretend that you’re the legendary James Bond.

The diamond agent branch focuses on logic skills and charisma. While the other branches require more experience and hard work, this branch is easier than most. As a result, there are many ways to earn more money as a diamond agent. In addition, you can use a spy satellite as a cool home decor. In addition to spy satellites, you can also obtain a computer called Information Database (ID).


Unlike the typical Law Enforcement career, the Detective branch of the Sims 4 requires you to have a high logical skill to advance in the career. The Genious trait helps you develop this skill faster, as it makes you stay in Focus mode. It is also necessary to have a high Charisma score, as this will help you achieve the highest Secret Agent career rank and the Diamond Angel branch.

Scientists rely heavily on their logical skills. Pair this trait with the Genius Trait and Knowledge Aspirations for the best results. Scientists also tend to bring home toys from work, which makes them a better choice than Doctors and Detectives. With a bachelor’s degree in science, your Sim will get a lot of experience and can earn a doctorate. Once you become a scientist, you can also become a professor and earn a degree in this field.


To be a diamond agent, you must have at least 5 Charisma. The easiest way to gain this trait is to live with your partner and flirt with them. For this level, you need to have a Confident emotion during the working hours. You can also learn the 7th level of Fitness and Charisma. After you learn all of this, you can then choose between the two career branches.

For the secret agent branch, you need to increase the Confidence trait to increase your Sim’s ability to interact with others. This trait boosts the Charisma skill, making romantic interactions much easier. You can also increase the Confidence trait to get a high Charisma score. This trait is useful for the villain branch as well, since you need to be friendly and talk to others.


The diamond agent branch of the secret agent career is more focused on romantic interactions. To succeed in this branch, you’ll need to develop the Mischief skill. This trait helps your sim gain skills without causing them any harm. It is also useful for the villain branch, where you will interact with bad sims every day. For more tips on how to improve these skills, check out the trait guide below.

The Villain branch is a good choice for players who are assertive and have strong social skills. To unlock this branch, your Sim needs to reach rank 11 and have at least three 15-hour days a week. In order to become a villain, you’ll need to develop social, logic, and mischief skills. To become a villain, you must acquire two enemies and reach level eight Mischief.

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