Where to Get Heart Scales in Pokemon Y

If you’re wondering where to get heart scales in Pokemon Y, then you’ve come to the right place. This guide will show you the easiest way to obtain heart scales. You’ll also learn how to find Luvdisc. These are drops that can be used to increase your Pokemon’s health.

Where can I find heart scales?

Pokemon X and Y have an in-game method for finding Heart Scales. The process involves going to Route 214 and searching for a patch of grass within the fence. You must collect 100 Heart Scales to use them. You can also get them by playing the game’s Game Sync. Once you have enough Heart Scales, you can turn them in at Global Link for rewards, including rare candies and PP up.

Fishing is another way to get Heart Scales in Pokemon Y. Wild Luvdisc have a 50% chance to carry one, and you can use a fishing rod to catch them. This method is useful if you want to get a steady supply of heart scales. However, you should make sure you know your Pokemon’s move before fishing with a Luvdisc. If a Luvdisc doesn’t take the bait, switch to another spot. Fishing with a Thief will also help you get unlimited amounts of Heart Scales.

Heart Scales can be obtained from two different places: Ambrette Town and Cyllage City. You can also find them near a Dowsing Machine in Ambrette City. In Cyllage City, they can be obtained from a Luvdisc. When you use Covet or Thief on a Luvdisc, you will be rewarded with a Heart Scale.

What is the easiest way to get a heart scale?

There are two methods to get a Heart Scale in Pokemon Y: fishing with a Thief or catching wild Luvdiscs. In both cases, the fish will carry a 50% chance of carrying a Heart Scale. This method has a slight disadvantage – if the Luvdisc doesn’t take the bait, you’ll need to switch fishing spots. You should also keep in mind that a Pokemon using Thief will not steal a Heart Scale while holding an item, so be sure to remove the item before attempting to steal the scale.

Heart Scales are important resources in the Pokemon series. They are useful for recovering lost moves. In Pokemon Y, you can spend a Heart Scale for a Move Relearner, which helps your Pokemon remember moves. These TMs can be found in many places, including the Pokeathlon Dome.

The best way to get a Heart Scale is by catching a Luvdisc. This Pokemon is a low level, but it’s very rare. If you have a Pokemon that has False Swipe, you can use it to prevent Slakoth from fainting. Using Heart Scales on late-game Pokemon can be extremely helpful.

Where do you find Luvdisc in Pokemon Y?

Heart Scales are one of the most sought after items in Pokemon Y and X. They’re a crucial part of the game, allowing you to teach Pokemon moves that they might have forgotten. Unfortunately, finding these gems can be difficult. In this article, we’ll show you where to find them and the best way to go about doing so.

The first Heart Scale is found in Route 212, which is accessible from Pastoria City. Once there, you’ll want to head northwest until you come across a honey tree. After that, take a few steps left, where the trees form a vertical barrier. There, you’ll find the second Heart Scale hidden in a gap in the tall grass.

You can also find Heart Scales on the ground, which are usually near a Luvdisc. You can also find them near a Honey Tree, near a green tree boundary, or in mud. Another great place to find them is near tall grace.

What Pokemon drops heart scales?

Fortunately, there are several ways to acquire heart scales in Pokemon Y. The earliest of these methods is rock smashing, which yields a modest 11% drop rate. The best places to find these rocks are the Midna Mine and the town of Vipik. Once you’ve discovered these places, you can trade your Good Rod with the boy to earn a heart scale.

You can also find Heart Scales in the Grand Underground by digging for treasures. These are also found near the shard collector’s house, if you’re interested in catching this rare item. But don’t limit yourself to these areas. The good news is that you can find them outside of these areas, too.

Another way to collect Heart Scales is to catch Luvdiscs in Cyllage Town. If you’re able to catch a Luvdisc, you can use the Covet/Thief move to steal it. Alternatively, you can use the TM46 (Thief) at Cassius’ house in Camphier Town. Then, you can teach your Pokemon to learn new moves.

Where is the heart scale on Route 214?

In Pokemon Y, you can find a Heart Scale in several places, but the location of this one is not clear. In general, these are found in areas where you can dig for treasure. One such place is in the Grand Underground. In this area, you can find a Heart Scale if you dig a little bit.

Route 214 has a couple ways to get to it. One way leads to X Sp. Def and the other way leads to the Valor Lakefront. You can also use a Thief to steal the Heart Scale. However, this method is not always recommended, so you should always follow the directions provided.

What does heart scale do?

Heart Scales are useful items that allow you to teach your Pokemon new moves. In Pokemon Y, you can find one of these items at Slateport Beach, in the top right corner. You can also exchange it for a Move Relearner, a special item that helps you to remember the moves of your Pokemon.

Heart Scales are obtainable by gathering the right items. You can collect them from a number of places. For example, you can find them near shoals and beaches, as well as near a dowsing machine. In the Malie Library, you can also find a picture that contains a Heart Scale.

Using the Move Reminder on a Pokemon will help it learn new moves, including status and attack moves. A few moves are only taught using a Move Reminder, so it’s important to keep this item handy. Roserade has a long list of status moves and attacks. With the help of the Move Reminder, Roselia will be able to remember all of these moves more easily. The Move Reminder can be found in Pastoria City, in the house northeast of the Poke Mart. You’ll need at least ten Heart Scales to obtain one.

Can you buy heart scales?

In Pokemon Y, you can buy Heart Scales. The old rod, TM46, and a thief move are required to acquire these items. When you encounter a wild Luvdisc, you have a 50% chance of finding a Heart Scale. This item can be used to train your Pokemon. Each time you learn a new move, it costs one Heart Scale.

Heart Scales are one of the most sought-after items in Pokemon Y and X. These items allow you to teach your Pokemon various moves that they have forgotten. However, they can be difficult to find. The best method to find them is by farming Luvdisks or fishing.

If you want to learn new moves, you can also learn them using a Move Reminder. The Move Reminder can help you to remember new moves and get them into your Pokemon’s move set. You can find a Move Tutor in Pastoria City. It is located in a house northeast of the Poke Mart. Heart Scales are required to use the Move Tutor.

Where is the heart scale on Route 212?

If you’re looking for the Heart Scale on Route 212, you’ve come to the right place. You can find it near the Pokemon Mansion in the Trophy Garden. This route is also where you’ll find all the color shards. These shards can be traded for various items. You can also find various kinds of plates and other special items.

The Heart Scale is hidden away in some areas of the game, but it’s easy to find. You can locate it near the trainer with the pink parasol on Route 212, as well as the stairs and tall grass on Route 214. You can also locate it near the secluded area near a tall grace in the grass.

You can find several Heart Scales throughout Kanto. They’re also found in the Cerulean City area. These scales can be found in various areas of Kanto, but Cerulean City has the easiest Heart Scale location. It’s very important to be as powerful as possible when you’re playing Pokemon. This can be achieved by learning more powerful moves and boosting your Pokemon’s strength.

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