Where to Get Respect in Lost Ark: The Templars

In this guide, we’ll cover where to get respect emote in Lost Ark: The Templars. The emote is a key part of the Becoming a Queen quest. After completing it, you can use it to reward NPCs with respect. The respect emote can also be obtained by using the Vern Power Pass Token. Read on to learn more!

Becoming a Queen quest

To learn the Respect emote in ARK: Survival Evolved, players must complete the “Becoming a Queen” quest in the game. Basically, you need to speak with three characters to earn the emote. In this guide, we’ll discuss how to do this. To get the Polite emote, you need to talk to a few people, including Anessa, who knows all about etiquette.

First of all, you need to be at least level 50 before you can start the quest. Once you’ve done this, you’ll need to go to Neria’s Tavern in the Luterra Castle. After you’ve completed the quest, you’ll be able to talk to Queen Ealyn and pay your respects to her. This quest will also give you an email saying that you have earned the Respect Emote.

Another way to get the Respect Emote is to play the Becoming a Queen quest in the Lost Ark. To unlock this quest, you’ll need to have reputation level 3 or above. Then, you can perform the emote by pressing /whistle. It’s a fun way to show your respect for a noble, which can be extremely helpful. If you’re a royal, it’ll be great to get a royal emote from time to time.

Obtaining the Respect emote

Obtaining the Respect emote is a great way to show your awe and respect to the game’s NPCs. To obtain the emote, you must complete the Ealyn’s Gift quest, which starts on the first floor of the castle. From here, you can head upstairs to the Queen’s room to find the NPC that will give you the emote.

Obtaining the Respect emote is one of the easiest quests in Lost Ark. It is found when you’re nearing the end of the North Vern main storyline. This quest requires you to speak to Queen Ealyn and get her gift, which will enable you to use the emote. Once you have the gift, you can head to the Queen’s audience room to talk to the queen.

Obtaining the Respect emote is easier than you might think. There are only five main quests you’ll have to complete to get this emote. You’ll also need to do side quests to get these emotes. If you’re just starting the game, you should start by completing the Luterran Lord side quest. This side quest will require you to use the Respect emote, so make sure you’re doing them the right way. If you’re having trouble learning the emotes, check the guide below.

Obtaining the Vern Power Pass Token

Obtaining the Vern Power Pass Toke is one of the easiest ways to level up your character and earn level 960 gear in Lost Ark. To obtain the token, first complete the North Vern main quest. Afterwards, you can use the token to instantly complete the base storyline and reach Level 50. You will get an additional token after using the first one. Once you’ve used the token, you’ll be bound to that character.

Obtaining the Vern Power Pass Toke is a great way to level your character in the post-Vern part of the game. You can then use it to boost your character to Level 50 faster than you normally would. This is especially useful if you’re just starting the game. If you want to level up your character quickly, this method is the best way to do it.

After you obtain the Vern Power Pass Token, you can begin to use it to perform specific actions. First, you can send messages to your friends in the Emote menu. You’ll need to be level 50 to activate this emote. To do this, select the Community element and then press “Y”. Once you’ve done this, navigate to the Emote tab and input your desired emotion. For example, typing “/” and the desired emote name will activate the Respect Emote.

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