Where Was The Final Scene Of Star Wars Filmed?

If you’ve ever wondered where the final scene of the Star Wars films was filmed, then you’re not alone. Many people are curious about the filming locations, including Death Valley National Park and Skellig Michael, Ireland. You might also be interested in RAF Greenham Common, Villa del Balbianello, and RAF Skellig Bay. This article will help you find the locations for these important scenes.

Skellig Michael

Skellig Michael is a small, remote island off the coast of Ireland that has played an important role in the Star Wars saga. It was chosen to star in the final episode of the trilogy as the setting of the pivotal meeting between two characters. The island’s natural beauty has been recognised many times, including in the films ‘The Sound of Music’, ‘Mamma Mia!’ and ‘The Lord of the Rings’. The Skelligs Islands also made an appearance in the ‘The Last Jedi’ and ‘The Force Awakens’, with Skellig Michael playing the part of Luke Skywalker’s training ground for Rey. While filming the final scene of Star Wars was a stumbling block, Big Seven Travel has always recognised the beauty of Ireland and

The island was chosen for its natural beauty and is an incredible setting for filming. Hundreds of puffins inhabit the island, which provided a unique backdrop for the iconic scene. The film crew couldn’t have edited them out of the scene, as this would have cost an exorbitant sum of money. That’s why they invented a new species – the porg.

Death Valley National Park

Death Valley was the location of the last Star Wars movie, and was used for filming on several occasions. Death Valley was the location for the desert planet Tatooine, which was used in Episodes III and IV, and the scenery surrounding Jabba the Hutt’s palace in Episode VI. Although there are no markers at the sites, you can visit them and observe the filming process in action.

Death Valley National Park is located in the southwest part of California, about 150 kilometers west of Las Vegas. It was once covered by a vast inland sea, but subsequently dries up and leaves an unspoiled landscape. Star Wars fans will appreciate the stark landscape of this park, which is both majestic and eerie. The park’s final scene, where Han and Leia meet, was one of the most iconic scenes of the movies.

RAF Greenham Common

RAF Greenham Common is a former RAF airbase in Surrey, England that will appear in the latest Star Wars movie, The Force Awakens. It is also where the iconic Millennium Falcon was spotted on the set of the film. The X-Wing and Falcon life-size models can be seen in a photo taken by the Airbourne Aviation School. If you’re curious about the film’s location, you can visit RAF Greenham Common, which is about 40 miles from Pinewood Studios.

The RAF Greenham Common airbase also served as a location for the Resistance base on D’Qar, as seen in The Force Awakens. In the film, T-70 X-wing hangars, which were used in the Cold War, were used for filming. These hangars were actually Cold War-era weapons shelters. You can also visit Maz Kanata, where Maz Kanata and her droid BB-8 were filmed.

Villa del Balbianello

The Villa del Balbianello is a castle on the shores of Lake Como in Italy. It is home to Anakin Skywalker and Padme’s family. This historic estate also served as a filming location for the Attack of the Clones filming. The villa contains several locations that were shared by the characters. The balcony where Anakin and Padme were married is set to a view of the mountains. Anakin later meditated in the garden balcony after having a dream about his mother.

The Villa del Balbianello is now an Italian destination wedding venue. The castle was built in 1787 and is now a popular wedding venue on Lake Como. The balcony where Anakin and Padme kissed is easily recognizable, and the villa is a popular destination wedding location in Italy. While the castle cannot accommodate overnight guests, it offers accommodations with stunning views of the lake.


Iceland is an amazing location for filming Star Wars. Its black sand beaches are an excellent substitute for Eadu, the planet from Episode III – Revenge of the Sith. During the filming of Episode VII – The Force Awakens, filmmakers could have shot anywhere in Iceland. In addition to the black sand beaches, the movie’s other locations included the mighty Krafla volcano and volcanic formations.

Filming was also done in the country’s remote mountains. Filming took place in the Hjorleifshofdi and Hafursey peaks, east of Vik in South Iceland. From these peaks, you can view a panoramic view of Myrdalssandur, the Westman Islands, and the infamous glacier of the Langjokull Glacier.


In the Tunisian desert, the fictional city of Mos Espa was built. This desert city was used as the location for the final scene of Star Wars, but the city is no longer standing. The set is a composite of wood and fibreglass, with strange structures that have no geographical connection to the region. After the initial filming of the Star Wars trilogy, George Lucas returned to Tunisia to film the sequel, Attack of the Clones. The filming also brought in Natalie Portman and Ewan McGregor. Though the country’s tourism industry has been affected by the revolution, many of the sets still remain, and the locals who worked on the set still live nearby.

The area where the final scene of Star Wars was filmed is populated with Berbers and troglodytes. You can visit some of these villages to get a glimpse of life as a Berber in the desert. The towns of Ksar Ouled Soltane and Ksar Hadada are both beautiful and interesting. You can even go hiking along the Sidi Bouhlel ravine, which is used in several scenes of Star Wars.

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