ABC Family has canceled the comedy “The Lying Game” after two seasons. The show was produced by Pratt Enterprises and Alloy Entertainment and distributed by Warner Horizon Television. It is based on the Sara Shepard novels of the same name. The series ended with its 30th episode on March 12th. However, the show will not be returning for a third season. Here are some reasons why.

why did they cancel the lying game

The reason ABC Family decided to cancel The Lying Game is still unclear. The show was only on for two seasons, and only 30 episodes were released. The cast reveals that it is not a popular show. Alexandra Chando broke the news of the cancellation on Twitter. She plays the character of “Derek’s Killer” and has a mysterious past. It is unclear whether she is connected to the murder of Derek Rogers or the death of Theresa Lopez.

The show’s premise is based on the Sara Shepard books. The teen drama’s popularity was not immediately apparent when it was first launched. After all, the show was a huge hit with audiences, and it’s unclear if the same fate will befall the book. It’s impossible to know how long the show will survive without an explanation. It’s also uncertain whether the writers will bring back the series or not.

ABC Family’s cancellation of The Lying Game has left fans scratching their heads. The show’s cast includes Alexandra Chando, who has confirmed the news on Twitter. As the character who murdered Derek Rogers, she may also have information on Emma and Sutton. Regardless, the character is suspected of knowing something about the twins, which is why it is so interesting that she is so popular. This is a sad decision, but the show has a bright future.

The Lying Game has been a hit on ABC Family for the past two seasons. It’s been an instant hit with viewers, and it was a huge hit in its first season. The canceled show has remained a popular Netflix show, with over 100 episodes. But why did ABC cancel The Lying Game? The answer may surprise you. There’s no clear explanation, and it’s probably not because the series is no longer working.

Apparently the show has not been successful enough to gain ratings. It was cancelled after two seasons and was canceled due to the lack of viewers. The show’s popularity has fallen significantly. The show has gained a loyal following among fans, but has not been able to sustain itself for a third season. A few years ago, the show’s popularity peaked. It was the first time that ABC Family had to cancel a series.

The Lying Game is no longer on air. The cancellation was announced by the actress Alexandra Chando, who confirmed the cancellation on Twitter. The series’ cancellation was the reason for its success. The creators of The Lying Game were able to create a show that would make audiences laugh, cry, and think. And the show had a great cast. It was a highly anticipated comedy for two seasons.

The series is not only a hit with viewers, but it is also a great investment. In addition to boosting sales, Thelying Game is also a great option for families with children. The show was popular enough to earn a living from it. The ratings of Thelying game were consistently low. In fact, the show was cancelled despite the popularity of the authors. Its creators canceled it because of its poor ratings.

The Lying Game is one of the most watched shows on television. Its second season was the most successful for ABC Family. There were thirty episodes on the show. Its popularity soared to the top during the first season, but the series was ultimately unsuccessful. The series has been canceled because of the lack of ratings. This is a shame because it was a wildly successful TV series. Its cast was an interesting and complex part.