why was the lying game cancelled

If you’re wondering why “The Lying Game” was canceled by ABC Family, you’re not alone. Despite its high ratings, the show has remained on the network’s schedule for two seasons, and ABC has not renewed it for a third season. Sadly, this means that you will no longer be able to see the characters and storylines of the characters. Here are some reasons why the series was canceled.

The drama series premiered on August 2011 and starred Alexandra Chando as twins Sutton and Emma, who were raised by poor families. Their relationship was strained by their disparate backgrounds. They were essentially adopted by rich families, and Sutton grew up in a posh foster home. They eventually met and fell in love, and Emma was left behind. When Emma discovered her birth mother, she took over Sutton’s life and set out to find her mother. As the show drew to a close conclusion, the drama was a hit with fans and a fan base, but ABC decided to cut it short.

Another reason the show was canceled is the fact that it was based on a book series by Sara Shepard. Although the show didn’t have much appeal, it had a cult following and a huge Twitter following. It was also a flop on its premiere day, and ABC Family reportedly didn’t think it would last beyond season two. Instead, ABC dropped the show, which resulted in a disappointing rebuke from fans and viewers.

Regardless of its popularity, The Lying Game was a major disappointment on ABC Family. Though the actress Alexandra Chando was a popular character, her series had no fan base. The cult following wasn’t there to support it. In the end, the show was canceled because of the lack of ratings. A cult fan base can be very hard to maintain. It’s not a good reason to cancel a show based on such a small audience.

However, “The Lying Game” has been cancelled after only two seasons. The show is based on the books by Sara Shepard and was originally aired on ABC Family in 2011. Its second season ended on March 12, 2013, and it was cancelled after its first season. Its ratings have fallen since then, but the writers and producers of the show have yet to give an official statement on the cancellation. While the reason for the series’ cancellation is unclear, there are several factors that could cause this to happen.

The show was extremely popular in its first season. It was a series based on the popular book series by Sara Shepard. The Lying Game was a hit and was canceled after one and a half seasons. In fact, the show’s ratings were falling by the time season two ended. The episode ending was a huge disappointment, and the writer of the show was not paid much. If she was fired, she’d be fired, but that’s not a good reason to cancel a show.

It’s also a mystery why ABC Family cancelled the series. The show’s ratings declined after season two, despite its fan base and cult following. Whether the show’s cancellation is a matter of taste, or if ABC Family wanted to keep its viewers happy, it’s important to note the reasons behind it. Moreover, the show’s a great example of a good TV series.

“The Lying Game” was a show that premiered in August 2011 and lasted two seasons. It featured a long-lost twin sister duo – Sutton and Emma Becker – who were born with different parents. They met in foster care and became friends after they found each other. They were very close and were never separated. Their twins, however, were separated by their adoption. The sisters’ lives had been very different and they were very unhappy.

The show’s popularity waned after its premiere in August 2011. Despite its high ratings, the show’s storyline centered on two identical twins – Emma, a spoiled brat, and Sutton, a middle-aged woman. In addition to their differences, the series was based on the novels by Sara Shepard. At the time of cancellation, the show was cancelled after just two seasons.