World of Warcraft Card Game Rules

The World of Warcraft card game has rules that are surprisingly simple. The basic gameplay, Ally and Ability cards, and Dungeon decks all fall under the same general category. Luckily, we’ll go over each in detail in this article. We’ll cover the basics and what to look out for in a World of Warcraft deck. Hopefully, we’ll get you started on the path to becoming a top-tier card player!

Basic gameplay

The World of Warcraft Trading Card Game, or WoW TCG, is a collectible card game that draws from the rich lore of the Warcraft MMORPG. Each player chooses a hero, from one of the 10 classes available, and customizes a deck of 60 cards with hero abilities and spells. These cards are used to help players complete quests, equip hero skills, summon allies, and more. In addition, each subsequent card pack adds new content and features that allow players to explore the rich lore of Azeroth.

Regardless of the level of expertise players have, learning the basics of the game will be easy. World of Warcraft’s intuitive design makes it easy to learn, and in-game tutorials help new players navigate the game. For instance, players can learn how to play a specific faction by talking to yellow exclamation points, which indicate quests. Once completed, players gain experience points. The World of Warcraft Trading Card Game is an excellent way to meet new people and make friends.

Ally cards

In the World of Warcraft card game, allies are characters that join a hero’s party, and are usually affiliated with either the Horde or the Alliance. It is forbidden to use cards belonging to the other faction in a hero’s deck. However, you can include neutral allies in a faction’s deck. In addition, allies can attack both opposing heroes and their allies. Allies can be protected by armor, but it can be exhausted each turn, and there is a limit to how many armor a hero can wear on any part of his body.

When choosing an ally, check whether the ally’s stats are correct. You can’t choose a card that has a lower ATK or lower HP than the rest of your party. This way, you won’t have to worry about it destroying other allies. The ally will receive +1 ATK for every ally in the party. Lastly, the ally you chose has a modifier for this turn that you can’t remove if your target ally is defending.

Ability cards

There are two types of abilities: standard and instant. Standard abilities can be used at any time, while instant abilities are only available for that particular round. Aside from their effects, abilities can also be customized by adding graphics and customizations. For example, some cards come with a trait icon, allowing you to only use them on certain classes. This allows you to customize them to your liking. But be aware that some abilities are very powerful and you should only use them when you know exactly what they do.

For example, a Shaman character deals four frost damage to an opposing hero. A similar effect occurs when a hero has a Flip Power, which causes it to flip from face up to face down. It also allows the player to quickly remove damage from their ally, and is called “flip power”. However, it is important to note that the number of turns to play is determined by the energy value of the card.

Dungeon decks

The World of Warcraft Trading Card Game is about to get a unique twist with the upcoming Dungeon Decks. Players will now be able to explore dungeons and collect loot cards and other items that are exclusive to the TCG. The cards in the new game will feature enemies like Lord Godfrey, practicing gun kata, and Scarlet Commander Mograine. There will also be new cards featuring characters like Vanessa VanCleef, who is now known for her love for rogues.

The World of Warcraft Dungeon Decks feature a revolutionary Level-Up system that makes them the perfect companion for playing in the campaign mode with friends. Dungeon Decks contain two oversized Hero Cards, six Character Sheets, and six Achievement Cards. They are available in 9-count displays. These are ideal for mixed-level play groups, which can benefit from the unique blend of abilities of each member.

Legendary cards

The World of Warcraft card game rules specify the use of Legendary cards, which are rarer than Hero cards. A player may use only two of any one type of card in a deck, with one Legendary card allowed per set. Legendary cards are based on characters from the World of Warcraft, and play a special animation when activated. They have a dragon border. The card is rarer, but not uncommon. The player can only play one of these cards per deck.

Legendary cards can be crafted into decks that can be used to build your deck. The cards have different colors depending on their rarity. These cards are designed to look just like the cards in the World of Warcraft online game, and include 15 unique pieces. The Spectral Tiger card, for example, is rare enough to be found in one-fourth of every booster pack, and can be worth anywhere from $550 to $1000!

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