If you are looking for a Turtle Mount, then you must know how to get Jewel Coral. It is a rare item that you can obtain by completing the questline run by Flynn. Once you get it, you can trade it with the Luxury Goods Merchant for a turtle mount, which has 420 movement speed and the dash ability. This guide will give you all the information you need to get your own turtle mount.

Turtle Mount

You can obtain a Turtle Mount in Jewel Coral by completing the main plot of the game. Once you have finished the main plot, you can go on to unlock quests, which will reward you with Jewel Coral, which you need to purchase a Turtle Mount. The Turtle Island is located between the Pleccia and Anikka areas. Just southeast of Pleccia is the Turtle Island. There are many quests to complete there.

You need to gather a lot of Jewel Coral to buy a Turtle mount. Purchasing a turtle mount requires spending a certain amount of Jewel Coral, which can be acquired through fast travel. Then, you will have to go to Arkesia and complete the Turtle Island quest. Once you’ve completed the quest, you will have received a number of items, including Uncommon Battle Engraving Recipe Selection Pouches, Creation Fragments, and Island Soul.

Flynn’s questline

To get Jewel Coral in the Lost Ark, players must complete the first few arcs of the game, which are a series of tasks for Flynn. The player must also acquire gem coral in order to get an exclusive turtle mount. There are three types of turtles: blue, green, and yellow. These creatures rotate 420 units per second. They can tie down most early horse mounts.

Obtaining this item requires a special skill, which is best learned in-game. The first quest, To Breathe Like a Turtle, requires Flynn to travel to Anikka and Arthetine. From there, Flynn must find Ringling in Delphi Township, and then drive the Thief out of a field. After he completes this quest, the player will be rewarded with a unique reward: Jewel Coral.

Obtaining Jewel Coral

Obtaining Jewel Coral is a rare, super-rare item in the game World of Warcraft. As a player, you can trade Jewel Coral to the Luxury Goods Merchant to purchase mountable turtles. These turtles have 420 movement speed and dash abilities. If you want to level quickly and easily, buying Cheap Lost Ark Gold is an excellent option. It will save you a considerable amount of time and help you level quickly.

The first way to get your hands on the rare currency in the game is to complete the “To the Sea” quest line. In order to accept this quest, you must be at least Level 50. Once you’ve done so, you will then need to travel to Turtle Island using your Lost Ark ship. Afterward, you’ll need to go to the Turtle Island merchant. Once you have gathered all five parts of the quest chain, you will be able to purchase the mount.

Trading it in for a turtle

A turtle is one of the rarest mounts in the game, but you can still exchange a Jewel Coral for one. You can trade one Jewel Coral for an Azure or Yellow Moss Turtle. These creatures have the same speed as Jewel Corals, but they can also be used as mounts. You can use one of them to mount yourself or as a companion. But beware: you can only trade one Jewel Coral per character.

If you want to exchange your Jewel Coral for a mountable turtle, you will need to find a merchant. You can use Lost Ark Gold to buy specific items. It will be a great help to get that mount, as it will let you use your Gold to trade for the turtle. And the turtle will make you look like a hero. And who wouldn’t want to be in a hero with a turtle as a companion?

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