Lost Ark Guide – What to Do With Extra Cards in Lost Ark

You may be wondering, “What to do with extra cards in Lost Ark?”. There are several possible solutions, including upgrading your decks, card XP, and deleting duplicate cards. Read on to learn more. But keep in mind that these options are short-term. Permanent expansion will only allow you to add more cards in the future. That is why it is important to keep a card or two in your deck while you’re still in the early stages of the game.

Card XP

To maximize your Card XP in Lost Ark, you must equip more Cards. Cards are consumable objects that provide a set bonus stat increase when equipped. As you equip more Cards, they will become more stacked in your inventory. You can also upgrade your Cards to get more stat boosts. You can obtain Card XP by collecting or awakening them. Awakening a card will give you an additional stat boost.

To awaken a card, open the Card Collection menu and click the Enhance tab. Then select the card you would like to awaken. You can see all the cards you have and their XP in the Awakening area. Once the card is awakened, you must spend some time in giving it some XP to gain its special abilities. Card XP is a roster-wide system that allows you to spend time enhancing cards.

Card Decks

When you’ve reached level 50 in the game, you’ve probably reached a point where you’ve collected so many cards that you’re reaching the limit of your Card Catalog. If this is the case, you might be wondering what to do with all of those extra cards. There are a couple of options, though. One is to trade them in for more cards. This option is more convenient for those who can’t afford to keep a bunch of cards in their inventory.

If you’ve already started playing the game and you have some extra cards, you might want to trade them in for rare or legendary items. There are many different ways to spend these rare items in the game, and a few of them will actually help you progress through the game. One option is to buy the rare cards, which will give you a slight buff. This option will also save you space in your inventory. Another option is to sell them. If you sell them, you’ll earn a small fee for them. However, this option isn’t a good idea for everyone because you’ll need to carry a lot of cards in order to use them in the game.


While this guide covers a variety of ship types, it does not cover the entire game, as there are several ways to improve the performance of your ship. The best way to maximize your ship’s performance is to focus on upgrading just one type of ship. Depending on what type of ship you have, you’ll have to dedicate a great deal of time to leveling it. Also, certain upgrade materials have daily caps, so it’s best to choose a ship type and focus on improving it.

During the early game, there are a few ways to improve your gear and get a higher item level without having to re-purchase the items. One way is to use gear transfer, which allows you to increase the level of your gear without lowering it. Once you have a compatible upgraded item, visit a honing vendor to get the levels transferred to it. If the upgraded item doesn’t match your desired level, you can destroy it and choose an improved version.

Duplicate cards

Duplicate cards are not all bad in the Lost Ark. If you are a beginner to the game, you may want to avoid them. They are a good way to level up your cards and to get XP for the ones you already own. There is a special way to level up your duplicates in Lost Ark, and it is by using special XP-gaining cards. You can also feed other non-duplicate cards to upgrade them. However, the rewards from upgrading them are considerably less. Therefore, you should not waste duplicate cards for XP. You can place these unimproved duplicates underneath upgradeable cards so that they can awaken.

Besides the cards, the game also features books. The books in Lost Ark record the cards you obtain in the game. Each of these books is an ebook that can grant you a small stat boost once you finish them. You can see these books in the “Cards” menu of the game. Then, simply choose the “Enhance” tab on the top left-hand corner of the screen. There is a complete Lost Ark card tutorial on YouTube provided by Kibbles.

Card Books

Lost Ark contains a series of cards that can be combined to improve a character’s stats and help in battles. Card Books are collectible and represent a way to strengthen the entire cast of characters in the game. The game comes with seventeen3 Card Books and 27 Decks. Some are more powerful than others, and each one grants different bonuses and stat increases. You can find all the cards in Lost Ark online, as well as a full list of their bonuses on the official Lost Ark Codex website.

In order to find the card you’re looking for, you should go to the Lost Ark Codex. You can find it under the mini-map on the left side of the screen. Open it and select “Cards.” You will see a list of the various cards you’ve collected. You can also search for a specific card in the Lost Ark Codex and then find where it’s dropped. Once you’ve gathered all of the cards in the Codex, you’ll be able to search for more.

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