witcher 3 what to do before new game plus

New Game Plus is an option you can enable to start the game from a saved game. It allows you to keep all the items you’ve picked up, worn, or collected on your quests. You can even select the difficulty level you want before you exit the main story. The bonus is that you can begin from the last level you finished. Before you enable the New Games Plus option, you should make sure you have all the DLC content for The Witcher 3 installed.

The Witcher 3 is one of the best RPGs on the market, and its New Game Plus feature is an excellent way to relive all of Geralt’s adventures. While the main campaign can be completed in 60 to 400 hours, some gamers will feel driven to continue the game. This is where the New Game Plus feature comes in handy. It allows players to play as much of the game as they want, without having to worry about buying more.

Despite this, the game has been getting a lot of praise from critics and gamers alike. The popularity of Geralt and the other characters in the game are largely attributable to the DLC. However, it seems that The Witcher 3 missed a golden opportunity by not implementing New Game+. Hopefully, the game will improve its features in the future. This guide will help you get the most out of the DLC and help you decide if it’s for you.

Before you activate the New Game Plus feature, you should complete the main campaign. In order to do so, you’ll need to have completed the main campaign. This is so you can continue the game and enjoy its storyline. Once you’ve finished the main campaign, you’ll be able to play the expansions Blood and Wine and Hearts of Stone. In addition, the New Game Plus feature will unlock a few more features of the original game.

The first thing you should do before launching the New Game Plus mode is to make sure you’ve completed the main campaign. Then, you should go to the main menu and start a game. You’ll be prompted to sign up for the free trial. You can also start playing the free trial version of the game to see whether it works better for you. The new game plus will unlock all of the achievements you’ve earned during the campaign.

The New Game Plus mode allows you to play all the side quests you’ve previously completed in The Witcher 3. Depending on your level, you’ll be able to complete all of them in the wild hunt and earn a lot of XP. Then, you’ll need to go to the main campaign again to complete the next DLC. There’s a difference in the amount of time you spend playing, so you may find yourself in a situation where you’d rather not spend all that much time on the game.