who won the catholics vs convicts game

The 1988 Notre Dame-Miami football game is one of the most famous and enduring college football rivalries in history. This game was played at Notre Dame Stadium on October 15, 1988. Both teams were undefeated, but the Fighting Irish defeated the Hurricanes 31-30. The film offers compelling stories of these two great rivalries. Here’s a brief recap of the games.

The feisty rivalry between Notre Dame and Miami peaked 25 years ago, and many Notre Dame players can’t even remember it. But it’s still an unforgettable moment in college football history. The Irish upset No. 1 Miami 31-30 in a brawl that lasted all afternoon. The game was later voted the best in Notre Dame history, and the phrase “Catholics vs. Convicts” swept into the national lexicon.

Notre Dame faced No. 1 Miami at Notre Dame Stadium on Monday. Despite the pre-game brawl, the game ended in a 31-30 victory for the Irish. The “Catholics versus Convicts” game has since gained fame as the best in Notre Dame football history. It’s also the first of Lou Holtz’s three championships at Notre Dame. The storied rivalry was also responsible for the phrase “Catholics vs. Convicts” entering the national lexicon.

While the “Catholics versus Convicts” slogan has endured in the minds of many, it has become a part of American culture. This phrase evokes an image of the Catholics and the Convicts in Ireland, which was popularized by the media around 1988. It has become a part of our collective cultural history. It has a deep meaning in Irish American history.

On Saturday, Notre Dame will renew its rivalry with Miami. The “Catholics vs. Convicts” game started with a brawl in the tunnel before the game. The Irish ended up with a 31-30 win. The Irish were crowned national champions for the first time in history, and the phrase “Catholics versus Convicts” is still widely known.

In a previous article, we looked at how Notre Dame’s rivalry with Miami had developed. While Miami’s rivalry with Notre Dame has been intense for decades, its rivalry with Miami peaked 25 years ago. In 1988, the Irish defeated No. 1 Miami and became the only team to defeat a runner-up in the national championship, and the term “Catholics vs. Convicts” became a part of American football history.

The University of Miami Hurricanes and Notre Dame Fighting Irish played in 1988. While Miami was known as a “bad school,” the Notre Dame team was regarded as a Catholic school. Nevertheless, the players of the Hurricanes took offense at the shirt, which was designed to make the opponents feel inferior. The result is a controversial story for both teams. The winning team is Notre Dame.